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[[Biffbiffley]] In Rumble Roses it makes reference to an H-attack meanign a Humilation attack... isn't H also where we get the term Hentai from?


Prfnoff: Removed the Norse mythological Balderdash.

Nezumi: Erm... why? It's actually accurate — he was protected from harm from everything but mistletoe, and Loki tricked another God into killing him with a mistletoe dart in a particularly mean-spirited prank. And besides that this is supposedly specifically a video game trope, I don't see any reason getting killed by mistletoe doesn't count.

Tanto: Because it's a completely different thing. This is in fact pretty much a strictly video game trope. They didn't kill the guy with mistletoe for humor, they killed him with that because it was the only way to do so.

Nezumi: I think someone is unfamiliar with the meaning of the word "prank." Loki didn't kill Balder because of any animosity towards him; he did it because of his nature as a trickster — causing the death of a beloved god at the hands of his own brother and with a seemingly-harmless plant appealed to his twisted sense of humor. Unsurprisingly, the other gods didn't think it was funny, and when they failed to restore Balder to life, they punished Loki by chaining him to a rock with a serpent dripping venom into his face. Which is why he ended up siding against the gods in Ragnarok. It still may not be the same thing, but categorizing it as Balderdash (which, although a pun on the god's name, implies it is inaccurate) is unfair, and it's inaccurate to say it wasn't done for the sake of humor — even if it wasn't very funny to anyone but the instigator.

macroscopic: He did do it because he thought it'd be funny but why he did it isn't the issue here but how. If mistletoe is your only weakness and the only way to kill you, it's not cherry tapping. Any other time you kill someone with mistletoe probably counts though.
osh: Not having heard this term before made me worried to click it...


Loni from the PS2 RPG Tales of Destiny 2 deserves a mention. He has an ultimate move whose name is ridiculously long, which of course he yells as he does it. There's a 1/8th chance that he will fail to catch his axe again at the end of the move, will pause, and will instead finish by punching the enemy for pitiful damage. See:

The kicker is a Youtube video showing him finishing the final boss with this move... punching her for 1 damage. It's at the end of this video, around 8:55 (spoilers, obviously):


I'm not sure if it's worth mentioning, but the Big Bad of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest can be decimated with Cure spells, thanks to a bug.
Cassius335: I can't be the only one who looked at this title and thought it meant something else entirely.

Sci Vo: No, my mind (and apparently osh's, above) is someplace gutter-shaped.
Fire Walk: Cutting this due to not being an example:
  • In the first level of Dungeon Keeper where you get a torture chamber, this troper captured the level's boss (The lord of the land) and tortured him to switch side. Since every level has an item that lets you pick a unit to carry with you to the next level, this troper used the defeated Lord as his dark champion, sending him to defeat the other lords who act as boss in each successive levels.

Cassius335: Insta-kills don't count...

  • In Team Fortress 2, the Pyro's taunt while holding the shotgun is a Hadoken. Considering the length of the animation and pathetic 1 damage it does, it's pretty much totally useless except for very rare humiliation purposes... and an achievement, which you need to get to unlock a special weapon.
    • 1 damage? This troper was under the impression that it was an instakill.
      • It is an instant kill, but I must be the only person on the planet that hears him say Kamehameha when he does it...

Carnildo: What's the opposite of Cherry Tapping, when you use the Infinity Plus One Spell of Great Slaying on a level-one rat?

  • Overkill?
Biffbiffley: No kill like overkill if I beleive so.
Eggo: I'd include Kingdom Hearts on this list. There is nothing quite as satisfying as beating Sephiroth down with Sweet Memory - the keyblade you get from Winnie-the-Pooh. It makes squeaky noises and bees and flower petals.

Smashy: Putting this here for now, since according to the rulings on its Gatherer page, this actually causes a draw due to said infinite loop.

  • A recent card called Lich's Mirror is an artifact card that prevents you from losing. It is essentially a Reset Button, starting you off with seven more cards and twenty more life if you die. Getting twenty more life counts as "gaining life" in the rules. A card called Rain of Gore makes it so that anyone who gains life actually loses that much. Step 1: Give the mirror to your opponent somehow. Step 2: Combine to make your opponent lose infinite times.

Andrei: What's the difference between this and [1]?

HeartBurn Kid: Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? is about mere mortals being able to stand toe-to-toe with gods. This trope is about fighters deliberately holding back, using only their weakest attacks in order to further humiliate their opponent. To put it another way, this trope isn't "Did you just punch out Cthulhu?", it's "Did Cthulhu just utterly destroy you by flicking your ear?"