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[Clipped from Death Trap Discussion]

Seth What about chained to a railway waiting for a train, used a lot in early silent films and a couple of other things i cant remember the name of. Though it is probably not seen anymore because even mentioning it makes it sound like a Dead Horse Trope.

Ununnilium: Oooh, yeah. It's definitely a Dead Horse Trope, but we need an entry just 'cause it's parodied so often.

Seth So tied to rails? Sabrina the Teenage Witch did a parody and so did Dudly Do Right plus the silent films, meets the rule of three so ill make the entry.

Looney Toons: <nod> Maybe Tied To The Rails instead of Tied To Rails? (three minutes later) Never mind...

Gaucelm: Dead Horse Trope? More like a Dead Unicorn Trope! This page is filled only with parodies! Can anyone tell any "serious examples" and the actual titles of the "silent movies" it was seen in with the villain with the waxed moustache?