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Harpie Siren: I may be loosing my mind but this confuses me ... "In late 2006, the TV Land cable network compiled a list of the 100 greatest TV catchphrases, and broadcast them in a special miniseries, "The 100 Greatest TV Quotes & Catch Phrases," over five days in December of that year." Isn't this November of 2006? I know why the person did it, but it just weirds me out...

Hiro Nakamura: Soon all will be clear.

Looney Toons: If you're going to wipe out my stuff wholesale, Harpie, you could at least have left the link to the article in place.

Gus: Actually, Harpie Siren, people frequently "post-date" in the text of entries that deal with timely info. A reference to "the current season", for example, is only good for a few months, so "the 2006 season" is a better play. It is a good practice in that it saves edits to keep the language time-neutral.

Couldn't Joey's (from Friends) "How ya doin'?" catch phrase be included?
Looney Toons: Dr Thinker? Think about learning to speak English.
Prfnoff: I'm pretty sure that a few of the examples toward the end of the Film section are just memorable lines, not Catch Phrases. Could someone more familiar with movies of the 70s and 80s make the necessary adjustments?

Bring The Noise: Moved pro-wrestling to it's own section and cleaned it up a bit, including removing the ridiculous claim that only faces have catchphrases. Probably needs more work though.

Lynx: I was tempted to add O'Neills "As a matter of fact, it does say Colonel on my uniform" from Stargate SG-1 to the examples-list, but it somehow doesn't fit. It has been used three or four times (including the feature film and "The First Commandment"), but was phrased a bit different every time, and once used by a clone of O'Neill ("Fragile Balance") and once by an actor, playing O'Neill ("Wormhole x-treme"). It's still very characteristic for O'Neill and recognized by many. Where might I best put it?

Freezair For A Limited Time: So THAT'S what Terriermon was saying! I never could figure it out! Thank you, whoever added that example, for satisfying my inner child.

Haven: Took out "When you shout it, This! Is! SPARTA!!" because that trope. does not. work. that. way.
Scud East: Had to take a wild guess at what this entry even meant, and rewrote it based on that guess:
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I/WE AM/ARE?!"
    • That's not actually something they made up, but a translation of an actual (incredibly disrespectful) phrase in Japan that's become associated with the cast (especially Kamina) because they use it a lot. it also happens to fit the mouth flaps pretty well, so the dub uses those words exactly.
I'm assuming that the first "they" refers to the English dubbers, rather than the Japanese scriptwriters or the characters. I'm also assuming that the phrase that's "become associated with the cast" is used in the dub, not for that reason, but because it's what is spoken in the original at the times when the English phrase appears in the dub—in other words, it's the correct translation. If either of these assumptions are wrong, my rewrite fails, so go ahead and fix it.
Matrix: Would Ozzy Osborne's shouting "Sharooooooooon!" when something bad happens be his catchphrase?

Dentaku: Yes.
Sharm Hedgehog: Anyone mind explaining what the image has to do with the article at all?
Floating Root Beer: Um, guys? This page is long. Let's break it up into subpages. Please.