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I'm not quite sure if the Firefly bit is valid. It's made clear later that Mal is distracting Walsh from the torture by talking about his wife; that's very horrible for the both of them and Mal is keeping Walsh from totally losing his shit and breaking down. Besides, it's totally in character for Mal to mess with the heads of the bad guys -somehow-.

Dr Dedman: Cut about half the Eva bit. [[spoiler: Asuka's last words are a repitition of 'I don't want to die... I don't want to die...' as the Mass Production EVA units rip her Evangelion apart.

Because it's just wrong. Asuka says "I don't want to die" as a Madness Mantra before her Robot reactivates. Her words after her unit's been ripped to pieces and she's been stabbed through the eye are "I'll kill you!" (if you saw koroshite yaru translated as "I don't want to die" in one of the early fan synopsis, that group goofed, big time, wrong "yaru" wrong grammer order).

The closest Asuka comes to casual danger dialog in the movie (she does an extended bit in Magma Diver) is the "I've got 3 and half minutes of power, there're 9 of them, I've got 30 seconds to beat each of them." (Charges one unit ripping its head open then lifts and cracks splashing blood over her cockpit) "Erst (first=that's one).

Count Dorku: Can we set up a redirect from Casual Danger Dialogue? Some of us habitually type it with the spelling used everywhere outside the US.
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