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Removed the following from under the Stargate SG 1 Nox entry, due to being off topic, and likely to denegrate into natter. Kept here in case of legitimite complaint.

  • I dunno. If the Nox watch humanity closely they will notice that we are very aggressive bastards that screw up our planet. Maybe turning the other cheek would be good for us once in a while. Its not like we miss many opportunities to kill anything that stands in our way. Note the lack of any preditors that so much as touch our cattle. We get rid of them and damn the consequences. I like humans as well as the next human, but we are sure not learning much.

The Nifty: A cookie for whoever made this page. One of those little irritating tropes that crop up all the freaking time in fantasy novels and make NO sense whatsoever, unless you allow for the author making elves an entire race of Mary Sues.

Gemmifer Heh, thank you. Yes, this has irritated the hell out of me too, for a long, long time now.

Bob: Cutting:

  • Inverted in The Elder Scrolls video games. The majority of the series villains are either elves or humans with elven blood.

Because it's not what this trope is about.
Nobodymuch I'm not sure the comment about Flanderised Vulcans fits. The humans of Enterprise (who amply justify having aliens look down on them) don't take the Vulcan attitude with equanimity. They respond with resentment and suspicion.

Avatar Zero: I removed it. I'll leave it here in case someone wants to put it a category with some actual examples.

  • The more recent Flanderized Vulcans do this too, often to their direct (human) superiors. Guess what would happen in real life.

Gemmifer: This page seems to draw examples that fit better with Cultural Posturing and Screw You, Elves!, therefor I cut everything that might be the slightest bit misleading as to what exactly is the point of this page.

Cutting this from the ElfQuest entry:

  • Really? Then how about the fact that the humans first encountered the elves as cavemen, were batshit terrified of them, and wound up blaming them for Madcoil (and not entirely without reason)? And what about Winnowill manipulating Nonna's people into worshipping the Blue Mountain elves?

For two reasons; 1) while true, it doesn't actually contradict anything in the shorter example; it's just somebody's justifying edit to make ElfQuest sound less tropey and 2) it really reads like Discussion, which apparently we're supposed to come down hard on now.

Caswin: I remember there being a trope entry on Eragon where, in the middle of all the elven superiority, Eragon duels one of them and makes a point of how, if he really wanted to, he could kill him at any moment. (Swing. "Dead." Swing. "Dead." Swing. "Dead.") Naturally, it also opines that this is the only awesome moment in the series, but anyway, I'm surprised to see it gone.