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  • The imp Mr. Mxyzptlk, who's been harassing Superman since the 1940s, is sent back to the 5th dimension for a while whenever he says his nigh-unpronounceable name backwards. Unfortunately, this is pretty much the only way to defeat him. Superman has to come up with one trick after another to make him speak or otherwise communicate the magic word.
    • For a while the rule would change to some condition the imp would set himself (and would obligingly inform Superman of, seeing as this is all a game to him), but Lex Luthor taught Mxy how to lie, and since then it's been back to the backwards name thing.
    • Mr Mxy tried to pull the same stunt on Superman in one episode where Superman harassed him in his home dimension. To the imp's surprise it did not work; he had tried with Namrepus, not knowing that the true version of course would be Le-Lak.
    • One particularly memorable episode of the animated Superman involved Mr. Mxyzptlk showing up once a year to challenge Superman to get him to say his name backwards. At first, Supes has difficulty doing so. After about halfway through the episode, Superman (and Clark Kent) has been defeating him with almost ridiculous speed ("What am I supposed to get you to say again?" "Kltpzyxm!"), and the last showing before Mxy tries something different involves Mxy showing up and saying "I'm back! And this time you won't get me to say Kltpzyxm!" Poof. Clark just smiled, having said not a word.

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