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Working Title: Superhero Rescues Baby From Burning Building: From YKTTW
Adam850: I don't think the InuYasha example counts. At that point, his powers had been well established, the main villain introduced, and it wasn't really a turning point.

Ununnilium: Indeed. Cutting out non-turning-point examples:
  • The Incredibles had a burning building rescue in the first act.
  • In one episode of Inuyasha, when the title character comes to the present to get Kagome, he ends up saving a small child from a burning building.
  • Harshly deconstructed in Matthew Woodring Stover's Blade of Tyshalle. Not only is the fire a means of assassination attempt rather than accident, but the hero in question is experienced, retired, a normal human being, and not keen at all on dragging anyone out of there since he's a paraplegic.

Sackett: What about when a Muggle, sometimes a Muggle Sidekick, does this? I've seen it used as a way to show that even an ordinary fellow can be heroic- given the right circustances. Is often a turning point.