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Looney Toons: Prodigal Python, has anyone pointed out to you that you should turn the names of TV shows into Wiki Words? I've been following your trail of contributions for the last few days cleaning up your entries, and it would make things so much easier if you just did that. Thanks.

Planish: Wasn't there some TV parody where the actors simply froze in place, stopped talking, and then the camera moved around them? It was obvious that it was not the proper Bullet Time effect because people in the far background were moving at normal speed. I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it.

Tulling: Police Squad! had that at the end credits.

Planish Uh, not exactly. That was a mock conventional freeze frame, not a bullet-time one. Police Squad! pre-dates Bullet Time. I meant something where the camera orbits the group while they pose motionless. Something like that youtube video of two guys playing ping-pong?

later... Aw shoot. That was it. "Matrix Ping-Pong", at , except they moved the stage floor for the orbiting camera effect. (check it out, it's pretty funny)

Now that you mention it though, I was also wanting to see if there was the Police Squad! example for a parody of "Freeze Frame", but I could find no article for Freeze Frame. All I could find was The Pastel Chalked Freeze Frame, as an anime effect.

Tonestronaut: Just wondering if this qualifies as Bullet Time: at 5:47. If so, this is 43 years older than the current Ur Example.