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  • No girls on the internets. Get off my internets.

Go find a different playground to be 10 years old in.
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  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, after Xander came along with Buffy to help her kill a big spider creature:
    Buffy: Thanks for side-kicking.

because I don't see how it's an example of anything cited by the article.
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  • The characters of the Diskworld series are consistently unable to properly describe magic, mostly due to the fact that there are no words that can do so.

because a lack of terminology for a specific field of study or endeavor is not the same as Buffy Speak — although the results of trying to discuss that field may end up sounding like it.

Oh, and for future reference: new entries go at the end of the examples, not the beginning.
Elihu: Personal examples seem kind of unnecessary, as the idea is how fiction simulates how young people attempt to describe something beyond their vocabulary. Plus, some of these are just examples of "thingee"
  • This troper speaks a freakish, demihuman sort of Buffy Speak sometimes. Ask me to vocalize my impressions on 32-year-olds voicing teenagers in cartoons. No, go on, try it. Makes not sometimes all kinds of sense.
    • This troper can barely speak after seven years of Buffy, three of Firefly, and comics. It gets ugly when the old-west talk combines with Buffy-style extra articles. Example: "Don't get so tetchy, it is not of the good."
    • This troper has a tendency to describe objects as "blobs" and other not-very descriptive things, especially if he is exited, agry or just feeling tense. Usually the phrace comes out something like thins: "Why is that..that..BLOB there! Hey! You! Move your blob out of the way." (in this case the troper was playing a very large Warhammer 40k game and the blob in question was a tank my teammate had left right infront of my troops, completely blocking their line of sight).
    • This troper's (teenaged) sister doesn't use words so much as she uses hand motions and sound effects to explain what happened.
    • [[{{Schlitzrüssler}} This troper]] suffers from a similar problem (although in German), of not always being able to come up with the correct... whatsits... for things on cue, leading on one occasion to her calling a radio "the thingy with knobs on that music comes out of". Um, yeah.

Haven: To Troper Tales! (Incidentally - does the AFH example I put count? With "spided"? Because I think it's brilliant and needs to be somewhere on this wiki besides the Quote Bin, and this seems like the place. Maybe it's a Metaphorgotten? I unno.
  • LATER! I took this out from under Zim because it's still pretty clearly an example of Buffy Speak.
    • Zim isn't young or inexperienced, he's just extremely idiotic. Even moreso with the Almighty Tallest, actually.