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  • This troper is one of those fans who liked the old games, the Adventure games, and the 2D games. We do exist.

Yes. That's exactly what the example says.

Khitty Hawk: Would this count as an example? The list at the bottom kills me every time I read it.

Nornagest: From the Halo example —

Fred vs. John, and even Linda in some circles.

Can someone explain to me what the hell this means?

Rogue 7: Can't for the life of me think why it's an issue of Broken Base, but those are the names of 3 prominent Spartans (John's the Master Chief) from the novels. All I know.

TheUrbanPrince: It's talking about the dispute over which character has the best skill.

Anonymous lurker: I removed the mention about Resident Evil 5 "more or less using RE 4's game engine", since it may actually use Capcom's MT Framework. Since the game is being developed for both PS3 and Xbox 360 (with implications that it may come to PC as well), this may be more likely than using potentially outdated engine for platforms it was't originally designed for.

I was going to add this quote, but it doesn't quite match the trope description. Is there another trope it does fit with? —Document N

Inkblot: How is this page not Internet Backdraft, but more?

Ramidel: It's a subtrope, not The Same, but More. It refers to internal conflict that divides a fandom. Mac vs. PC is also an Internet Backdraft, but it's not the same fanbase.
sickishfish: The Pink example could use some editing for clarity.

  • Similarly Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Seven Seals: What? Is this saying there are Terminator fans that don't like Terminator 2? Because that would just blow my little mind. People disliked Terminator 3, but I don't think there's enough like for that movie to make a Broken Base.

Madam Shogun: Actually there are quite a few dissenters when reguarding T2. Most of it has to do with the tone of the film from my understanding. Also i think there's enough fans of T3 to consider it a Broken Base.

Freezer: Question - is this the appropriate trope for bringing up historical debate? The one I'm thinking of is the root issues behind the American Civil War - those who believe that it was about state's rights and myriad other smaller issues and those who belive "It's about slavery, stupid"

I'm wondering how many people would start an edit war if I added Republicans and Democrats as a real life example.

Repubs vs dems aren't a Broken Base. Dems vs Dems, Repubs vs Repubs however ARE a broken base.