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Lord Seth: Phew! Okay, successfully separated the No Fourth Wall trope into No Fourth Wall and Breaking the Fourth Wall. I did my best to sort the examples into their proper tropes, but in some I had to guess because I wasn't familiar with the series. Feel free to adjust examples as necessary!

Ok, in Iain M. Banks' Culture novel Matter, the ex-special agent Xide Hyrlis believes himself to be continually watched (readers are not told the truth of this, though it's very likely and possible, since we're at Sufficiently Advanced Alien level here). Instead of ignoring it, he comments upon the things he discusses with other characters to the people that are spying on him (but probably not to the readers of the novel), and he talks about this spying to the other characters. Now, this would seem to breaking an internal Fourth Wall, and certainly counts at least as a Discussed Trope, but it somehow seems to me that it could also be a (double?) subversion or Deconstruction. Or should this be instead placed under Aside Glance (or some other place) as some meta version of that?

Midna: Pickshur.

Blork: I removed this example from Blackadder. Darling was using a colloquial expression, he expected to get through the whole "show", i.e. the war. It could possibly be counted as Leaning on the Fourth Wall but seems a bit of a stretch for even that.
  • Oddly used by Captain Darling in "Goodbyeee..." in one of the most serious moments of the series when he says he thought he'd "live to the end of the show."

Inry: Does the "Vampires!" by Osamu Tezuka fall in this category? Where a young werevolf works as artist in Tezuka's company. In the series (Wich are the only cartoon/live cation Japanese series I know), Tezuka even played himself (as a live actor).

Arivne: I merged the two Thefresh Prince Of Belair examples in Live-Action TV.