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thatother1dude: I'm not sure Zuko was really that haughty about being a prince (unless you count his Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy tendencies, in which case I guess he does)

Lale: "We're royalty — these people should give us anything we want." ... "I don't feel any shame at all — I'm as proud as ever." ... "My life has been pretty humbling lately."

Silent Hunter: You don't need to put IIRC in an example write-up. To help us try to ID this one, it was a Nickelodeon show, late 1990s, early 2000s, set in a drama school (IIRC). The Libby and the star were both African-American. Said incident involved said Libby getting a bucket of something dropped on her during a performance by the hero.
Lale: A Villainous Breakdown =\= Break the Haughty.
Eth Zee: Just wanted to ask: what is going on in the page picture? The colours make it hard to discern what's happening. Those are her arms, right? The bit below her head, is that the floor, or what? I briefly thought that it was her legs.

Orihime: The girl (May from Kaleido Star) is an acrobat and circus performer. In that particular scene, her partner drops her deliberately during a performance; the screenshot depicts the very moment when that happens, with the whole screen turning blue to signify her utter shock. The bit below is the floor.