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Kwakerjak: Just out of curiosity, what would you call it if, instead of the universe breaking the cutie, the cutie fixed the universe (besides Mary Sue, that is)?
Looney Toons: Cordelia was "sweet and lovable"? When? And via what medication?

Gus: Cordelia went through a good bit of character building on Angel for a season or three, culminating in a literal ascent into heaven scene that as close as we ever want to get to dropping an anvil into a vat of glurge. Luckily, by the next season she having a semi-incestuous relationship with Angel's son and was the assasination instrument for Wesley's girlfriend.

Looney Toons: Ah. I'd stopped watching by then. That's why it was a surprise.

Seth: and lets not forget the gang rape of Rose in Fullmetal Alchemist that left her pregnant and with no ability to talk.

Avitar: Would you concider Honey from "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?" to fit this trope?

Wasted: Can we include Juliet of Lost season 3 fame here? She came 'pre-broken' like River from Firefly, but watching how she became the cold-hearted, quick-on-her-feet agent through her flashbacks (particularly One of Us) was fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time.
Man Called True: Discussing the difference in Rose's fate between manga and anime of Fullmetal Alchemist: Good. Needlessly jabbing at the anime: Unnecessary. (And whoever keeps doing that, stop it.)

rT: Um...when was Rose raped in FMA? I remember an altercation w/ soldiers but I don't recall them going into the details of it.
  • Narvi: Where do you think the kid came from?
  • rT:I recall them saying it was an abandoned orphan that she found at some point after she was released.
    • Mike: Scar specifically said "it was because of those soldiers that she had that baby." It's pretty clear.

Mike: Can we remove the "anime vs manga" example there? The fact that Rose is not a trope example in the manga does not relate to the fact that she does fit this trope in the anime.
Ophicius: Shortened the Battlestar Galactica entry. Explaining the entire plot is not necessary.

Noneofyourbusiness: I wasn't explaining the entire plot, just listing the bad things that happened to her, like the entries for Dean and Sam, Daniel Jackson, and Kira Nerys in The Woobie.

Sara (guest editor): Regarding Nino, I dunno if I'd call her broken the way Tiltyu was. She has a lot of crap piled on her, but as far as game canon goes, she only gets sad and mourns for a bit, then presses on. She has this resilience about her that's pretty amazing...I'd call it an aversion or a subversion considering this.
Shadow Dog: Don't tell me I'm the only one here who's ever been the cutie in a game of break the cutie (well, more like geek in a game of break the geek).
Lina: What version of A Song of Ice and Fire were you reading that had Arya ever be sweet and cute?

Charred Knight: Deleted Lelouch's entry since he is in no shape or form sweet and lovable, and so can not be The Cutie. Also while Nunnaly is certainly an example her entry needs to be cut down, it also has unnecessary spoilers.

Charred Knight: Looking back I just deleted the entire section on Code Geass simply because no Cutie has been broken, since all the Cuties either die, or are able to withstand the tagedies. The only people broken are Lelouch, and Suzaku who ARE NOT THECUTIE. I also deleted several examples of non-cutie, Naked Snake was also not broken, he simply became disallusioned with the United States, his actions in later games are caused by him becoming disallusioned with the Patriots a group he founded. Also Silver Boat was not supposed to be Cute or loveable.

Charred Knight: Break the Cutie IS NOT WHEN SOMEONE HOT LOOKING HAS SOMETHING BAD HAPPEN TO THEM! MAYBE C.C is an example of one, but the rest don't count, Euphemia and Shirley where never broken, both where shot and killed, but still had that cheerful personality while dying. Suzaku, was a Wide-Eyed Idealist before becoming a cynical Knight Templar, and Lelouch spent most of his time playing chess. I rewrote it to make clear that while C.C might be an example Euphemia, and Shirley are not.
Charred Knight: Deleted, and replaced with the setup for Louise in season 2. Given that she hasn't had an attack for a while, and the fact that nothing has been mentiooned about it most likely it was an anxiety attack caused by being on a mission.

  • This somewhat extends into the second season as, ]for reasons currently unknown, Louise is prone to bouts of unexplained craziness, for which she has to take medication.

Smokie: Okay, this page is a mess. Look at all the spoilers!! I see way too many blank fields here. How about making it open and putting a warning sign up, like with the Death Tropes?

Klaue: Accepted, "wiki is not forum", my bad. Still, there's no such thing as "feminine testicular syndrome" and if anything, it would probably be Intersexuality. Now I haven't read the original of the Ring so I can't say it for sure.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Wouldn't that be Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome? I haven't read The Ring either, but that's what it sounds like.
Dramus: Does Wuthering Heights really need to be spoiler tagged? Once you pass the 'everyone alive when the book was first released is now dead, as are most, if not all of their children' mark, I think the plot becomes public knowledge.
Bobby G: Removed the following Natter:

  • Did you just compare a character from Yu-Gi-Oh with Neon Genesis Evangelion? Shinji and Judai both face the end of the world, Parental Abandonment, Mind Rape, and fighting creatures that make Saw look tame. Shinji only channels his Heroic B.S.O.D. into fighting Angels and setting off Instrumentality, rather than focusing it wholly inward as Judai did. Also, Shinji's emotional high point from which he fell was much, much, much lower than Judai's high point.
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