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Nate The Great: We really do need an explanation in the first paragraph about where the title came from. As I recall when I tried it it was deleted rather quickly. Could somebody do a proper writeup with the Baron Munchhausen reference?

  • Some of these video game examples are really just examples of Recurring Riff, because they haven't quite ascended to being the theme of the series. There's no way anyone would consider the Super Mario Bros. level 1-2 music to be the theme song of the series — everyone always thinks of the level 1-1 music. Castlevania really doesn't fit this trope either, since the series has a habit of re-using several songs from the first 3 games (Vampire Killer, Stalker, Wicked Child, Bloody Tears, and Beginning) as nostalgic throwbacks, rather than simply adopting "Vampire Killer" as its main theme.