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Redthorn: Fire Walk, I didn't understand the example "The Addams Family film had Greed as the secret switch," so I didn't list it. If you (or someone else) can explain it (was "Greed" the name of a book?) I'll happily add it in.


Sniffnoy: I saw that movie. There's a book just labeled "Greed", which is a secret switch for... something. I forget what. Probably either a trap door or spinning the bookcase around (say, that's a trope we don't have). But it doesn't pull all the way out of the bookcase - it just tips over a little, because it's a switch.
Lale: YKTTW refuses to load for me (the problem's probably my connection speed, though), but this reminds me of another trope — the hidden room behind a wall-sized bookcase. Thomas Garrett used it to hide runaway slaves, Anne Frank's family used it to hide during the Holocaust...
Doctor Worm: I would just like to say that this trope name is awesome. Catharsis: Honestly I think it should be renamed. I love bad puns but beyond 'tome' the name doesn't describe the trope at all, and it's not intuitive if you're searching for it. *shrug* That's just me though.