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Would Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist: Curse of the Crimson Elixir count as a bonus boss? I'm not sure how to categorize him. He has most of the qualities of a bonus boss except for the fact that he is indeed relevant to the story, appears less than halfway through the game, and you are required to fight him. However you are not required to win, and most players only attempt to beat him for the bragging rights, as the item you get for defeating him (sunglasses) isn't really that useful.
Ununnilium: I've never played the original Final Fantasy; Warmech was a bonus boss there, right?

Ununnilium: Also, don't you get Save the Queen and Save the King for defeating Sepiroth?

crapface: No but I think in Final Mix he gives you a key chain!!!:3

Dark Storm: For beating Sephiroth in KH 1, you get nothing (though you get the One-Winged Angel keyblade in KH 1: Final Mix). In KH 2, beating him nets you the Fenrir keyblade. I'm almost certain that the "War MECH is called Omega in the Japanese version" entry is wrong Warmech's Japanese name is "Desumashiin", or Death Machine, which Nintendo removed because of the word "Death" (and because it was too darn long).

Nezumi: Eh. I'd heard multiple seemingly-credible reports that labelled War Mech as the original version of Omega Weapon—the similarity in rendition between it and the FFV Omega Weapon helped add credibility. Removing.

Tinweasel: I'm going to have to change the entry relating to Final Fantasy VI on the basis of having encountered Itangir. Details in my soon-upcoming edit.
Agent CH: Removed this:
  • Don't forget Dark Matter and almost all his incarnations from Kirby's Dream Land 2 onwards.

Because that's a Perfect Run Final Boss.

Sjach Vyrlim: The same is true for Ballos, so I removed it.

Raekuul: Sticking this here for now, if I ever finish the project then I'll move it to the main page.
  • In Vomage: Genesis, halfway through the Frost Observatory, there is the Bonus Boss Brigit, who is essential to getting to the Perfect Run Final Boss Rush. Brigit doesn't really stand out except for (1) she's referred to way back in Ulira Forge and (2) she's a fire specialist in the middle of the Obligatory Ice Dungeon, and since the Ice-Resistant Equipment you have equipped by that point provides a weakness to fire, this will catch you off-guard the first time you ever find her.