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Hit-and-Run: Removed several examples from the "Real Life" section for a.) having been covered multiple times elsewhere, b.) irrelevance or c.) apparent self-indulgence. This may seem harsh, but there does seems to be a tendency for people to use that section to brag and/or complain about personal stuff. (I admit to having a very low tolerance for what I see as whining, so perhaps I'm just being judgemental.)

Also, moved Harry Dresden example to "Literature" section. Removed "Funes the Memorious" example as the character liked his power.
Describe Blessed With Suck Discussion here.

Jordan: Would the "blessing" of obedience in Ella Enchanted be an example of this? Also, I get the impression that Rincewind essentially will always survive a crisis, but at the same time, things always go wrong for him.

Ununnilium: I was thinking Ella Enchanted. But I haven't actually read it, so...

Jordan: I haven't read it either, I only know the plot. The only thing that would make me think that it wouldn't count is that it doesn't seem to have any perks- the only way it is a blessing in any sense is because of the old fashioned belief that women should be obedient. Actually, this makes me think that blessed with suck might relate to a literal genie, where what seems like a good thing actually works in an unpleasant way.

Jordan: Given the Midas example, I wonder if this trope is a subtype of the Literal Genie.

Haphazard: I suppose it could be, but it doesn't have to be. A lot of these blessings of suck aren't asked for.

Hydro Globus: Isn't Zelgadis rather CursedWithAwesome?

Rebochan: I pulled the entire Real Life section - it was mostly people talking about themselves or utter randomness and nothing relevant to this trope page.

5parrowhawk: The Metroid Prime example is more Cursed with Awesome, actually, since it's ostensibly an infection but makes her ridiculously strong.

IngerAlHaosului: Is Hidan from Naruto, you know the immortal voodoo priest, Blessed With Suck or Cursed With Awesome? I am referring to the fact that he is a immortal but now he is a immortal chopped up and buried alive for all eternity in Shikamaru's back yard.

Anonymous Weirdo: Would The Invisible Boy from Mystery Men be an example of this? For those unfamiliar with the film, he's gifted with the ability to turn invisible, so long as nobody is looking.

I'm just wondering; Why is Kwame said to be blessed with obsolescence by Penny Arcade? and why is this in "Blessed with suck" no description details it... And ready... How can it suck to manipulate the ground to create earthquakes, landforms, and craters?

Nammish: Would Roy Sullivan count as a Real Life example? He holds the record for being struck by lightning the most times and surviving, a total of seven official occurances with another possible one in childhood and an near miss that struck his wife instead. It seems like a pretty suckatastic thing to a a 'Human Lightning Rod' after all.