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jjwin2k: Why remove the picture?

From YKTTW Working Title: Stop Your Fall With A Sword

St Fan: Two examples removed...

  • It happened in some anime I watched ages ago. About Robin Hood it was. Some Templar guy fell from the cliff with a girl by his side, only in the last moment managed to ram his sword into the rock and then hung there (holding the sword with one hand, the girl in the other — mightily strong arms the guy had must have) until pulled up. They survived, IIRC.
  • One old movie featuring a duel between a Chinese and Japanese sword master (which became a matter of prestige for both countries, resulting in lots of ninjas thickening the plot) ended the final duel with one on the swordsmen hanging off the cliff in this manner. The other swordsman hung a little lower, holding to a blade lodged between the first one's ribs...

... until someone bother to actually find the titles of these shows.