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From Fight Club: "I want to have Tyler's abortion." Possibly one of the few things that manages to be both Black Humour and Dead Baby Comedy?

Jack Butler: Actually the line is "I want to have your abortion", said to Tyler while they are laying together in bed after sex, and it doesn't really appear in the film. Laura Ziskin, who was at the time president of Fox 2000 Pictures, objected to this line and demanded it be changed. David Fincher, the director, agreed to change it on the condition that the replacement line would make it into the film and could not be changed, regardless. Which is why Marla now says "I haven't been fucked like that since grade school!". Ziskin didn't like this line either, but couldn't change it because of the deal she'd worked out with Fincher. Either way, yeah, it counts as both Black Comedy and Dead Baby Comedy.