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Sirrocco: WRT Luke skywalker - I'd been under the impression that his dalliance with the Dark Side (serving under a clone of the Emperor) had happened at least a little while after Return of the Jedi. I believe it was in one of the comics.
does nekozawa from ouran host club count?
Jim: Uh, Anon, Lelouch is a Villain Protagonist, and knows it. He says as much in the second season, stating that he's simply the lesser of two evils. Also, Draco in Leather Pants.
Inkblot The picture and caption is Made of Win. Whatīs even better is that itīs Xemnas, who would be the fandom Memetic Molester if it wasnīt for Vexen.

Earnest: Really? I didn't know. At the time, I just searched for Org XIII, and thought "hey, stranger in a hood, that's exactly who my parents warned me about accepting candy from!" I guess it was just a happy coincidence. ^_^