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Good Things In Small Packages launched as Bishonen Line: From YKTTW

Red Shoe: Okay. I can only think of examples from Dragonball, but that's because I'm not so well read. In a discussion of the Adventurer's comic, someone suggested that Sesshomaru from Inuyasha was an example, but I haven't seen enough to confirm or deny.

Man Called True: For the record, nope. Fluffy the Terrible (as I call Sesshomaru) is just a straight-up bishonen. The only alternate form he has is his full-demonic one, and that's more One-Winged Angel.

Looney Toons: Unnamed person at, is there any particular reason you felt obligated to censor this entry?

Webrunner: Hey, wow, nice, whoever created this - thanks.

Harpie Siren: —> In Kingdom Hearts low ranking heartless and nobodies are mutated, greater ones are huge monsters, their leaders are bishonen

Err... not quite.... I get what your saying (they even explicitly explained how the more powerful the Nobody, the more humanoid it would be), but I don't recall either Xehanort's Heartless or Nobody turning into a monster then suddenly turning back into a humanoid and that's what the entry's about.

Amethyst Here's something which might qualify: In the Slayers anime, all of the evil mazoku take on monstrous forms—but only the really high-ranked mazoku lords and their subordinates are capable of taking on human form as well. The Lord of Nightmares, the most powerful being in this universe actually takes on the form of a young blonde woman in a black dress.

Sylvia727: I added to the Claymore entry, but I suspect that I went into too much detail for anyone not familiar with the series. Additionally, I'm actually not even sure it counts as an entry. The Claymores go through a variety of forms as they release their power, each coming closer to their eventual monster form. The human form can be reverted to by a normal Claymore, and an Awakened Claymore can flip back and forth. So it's not a steady progression through forms. On the other hand, only the final stage can painlessly and effortlessly change into human and back; for a Claymore in the midstages, it's painful and sometimes impossible. An objective viewpoint to either condense or delete the Claymore entry would be appreciated, on my end at least.

X Shouldve Died: Deleting the Claymore entry on account of it being, yah know, wrong and not fitting the trope. The most powerful awakened and infernal ones only have a passing resemblance to humanity when they're going full throttle and the trope is about people somehow looking pretty at their most powerful. Honestly don't know what you were going on about with the wings though...

Scrounge: Okay, here's the million-dollar question... Well, there's not actuslly any money involved, but you get the point.... ANYWAYS...

What happens when someone hits the Bishonen Line... And then takes another step afterwards? Has that ever even happened?

Seth: First he gets big again then he takes an even further shrunken form.

Sayans in Dragon Ball - Human - Giant Ape (One Winged Angel)- Human with golden hair (Bishonen Line) - a few more forms of this (My Kung Fu Is Stronger than yours mostly) - Giant golden ape (Post bishonen line One Winged Angel) - Human covered in red fur (Secondary Bishonen Line).

Scrounge: Isn't the Bishonen Line usually hit after several One-Winged Angel forms, though? The Syan example is a good start, and I do appreciate it, but it's hardly conclusive.

Seth: Hollows from Bleach - Small black demon thing - Bigger - Bigger - Massive Gillian- Class Menos Level (One-Winged Angel) - Shrinks Adjuchas-class menos (Bishonen Line) - Vasto lorde-class menos (Human sized - Bishonen Line) Then they take of their masks and become Arancar with Soul Cutters - if they release their soul cutters then they grow in size again and gain more powers. Meaning another One-Winged Angel phase.

It seems to go One-Winged Angel a few times, then Bishonen Line, then if anyone makes it past that it is another phase of One-Winged Angel. I'm assuming this would loop forever.

Scrounge: Looks like you've hit it spot on, then. Research well done, Seth. Have a cookie.
Does Orochimaru count? It looks like his method of Grand Theft Me invovles turning into a giant snake-monster-comprising-many-snakes and then he ends up in the form of whatever bishonen he'd targeted. And if they're not cute, he resumes his original bishonen appearance.
Leliel: Um, I had ment for the last line of my correction of the Devil May Cry entry to link to That One Boss, but I'm not sure how to do that. Could somone do it for me?

Cosmetor: This is how you link to pages with words other than the page title. Put the wiki word on the left of the [[brackets]], then a space, then the text you want to appear in the page. Edit this page again to check for further details.
Chopped this off the BOF discussion:
  • But if you really want a Dragon-humanoid, the Myrmidon Form pulls it off, nearly as effective as Kaiser and but more controllable and cheaper to use, Plus it comes with Aura which deals 2x as much damage in addition to allowing you to use elemental claw attacks.

That's not an example of Bishonen Line; Myrmidon is just a branch off of one gene tree, not an example of further evolved = more humanoid like Kaiser is.

Chad M - Removed non-example:

The thing here is that those are not transformations; they're shells. The core was inside the mech which was inside the insect-husk all along. Each successive fight is the characters punching through another layer of armor, not fighting different forms.

Ramidel - Restored it. The fact thst it isn't a transformation doesn't change the fact that they're facets of Lavos and that the center Lavos bit is humanoid in appearance. (The last part is a subversion of the trope, so still applicable.)

Chad M: Re-removed. Read the freaking description. The trope is about villains who power up and become larger until becoming smaller at the end. There are no transformations and there is never an increase in size. It's not an example. It's not a subversion because it doesn't use the trope at all.