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YYZ: Just a random observation on my part: Why the hell hasn't this come out on DVD yet?

Bluetooth the Science Pirate: Cause of jerks. Big jerks!

Grev: More likely because Disney owns it, and Nye is not on good terms with them, I don't think... But really, I agree, this, Beakman's World (the full series), Mr Wizard, Newtons Apple...all need to be out on DVD, if for nothing other than educational purposes.

{{Rogue 7:}} Nye spoke at my school last night (on a side note, 'twas awesome.) Someone asked him this, and he said that he was trying to work with the new people from Disney to get this released (or, as the questioner hoped, up free streaming somewhere.)

Boobah: I remember when he was on the Mickey Mouse Club doing this schtick. I feel old. That'd be the one with Britney Spears, not Annette Funicello. I'm not that old.

Shadrin: Fond memories... Bill! Bill! Bill! ~Bill Nye the Science Guy!~

Joysweeper: Aw, I remember this show. It was one of my favorites. Warm, nostalgic glow... Maybe I shouldn't look it up.

pencilears: I loved this show as a kid. I grew up in the Seattle area so there are Bill sighting stories all over, problem is Bill seems to hate his fans and his celebrity status. case in point: my sister's friend asked him for his autograph at Seafair and he was rather mean to her.