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Jefepato: What about The Passion of the Christ? The Roman soldiers were quipping to each other in untranslated Latin (and believe me, it's really, really awkward to be the only person in the theater laughing).
  • Shazzbaa: I'll support this — I didn't catch most of the jokes because I'm only second-year latin, but my father was, similarly, the only person in the theatre laughing at some points. Add away!

Iassin: Someone do me a favor and translate Spanish correctly . . . "Detrás de ti, imbécil" means "Behind you, idiot." "On your back, you idiot" would be "Encima tuyo, imbécil" or "En tu espalda, imbécil."

Randallw: I noticed Klingon mentioned. I know some Klingon, yeah I'm a nerd, I don't know Javascript though, and wondered if perhaps the creators in jokes count. For example the word for a big bird is qarol, as in Caroll Spinney who plays Big Bird, and the Klingon word for blood is 'Iw, as in "eeew...yuk"

Phantoon: I'm not entirely sure that the Haruhian example is entirely coherent with the trope, but it seemed to fit with the subcategory of examples... please call me out on this if it isn't.

crapface: what about futuramas alien language thats in the backruond

That Guy on the Japanese Course: Second nomination for Futurama, but for a different reason. In "Crimes of the Hot" the Curious Pussycat sign has (presumably) a joke in real Japanese. 私は、あなたのことを あなたのお母さんより Xしています。 I'd translate it, but I can't get a good capture of the last kanji. Also I've been learning Japanese for less than a year. ("I am more X than your mother" maybe?) See for yourself about eight minutes in.
  • Khathi: Actually, it says "I X more about you than your mother". X should be a verb from the sentence's grammar structure. And a word order is pretty much mangled.

Shazzbaa: I took out this: "How on earth did we go this long without mentioning One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy 7? The lyrics are all in Latin, but they are all relevant to the Big Bad Sephiroth." — mostly because we already mentioned One Winged Angel under the Ominous Latin Chanting bit.

Concerning "Darth Vader" - this is unintentional? Hard to believe... This troper always thought that's some pseudo-anagram of "Dark Father"; while the prequels and EU suggest there are other "Darths" as well this feels like an afterthought... Like a lot of things, Word of God disagrees, but I think that's considered BS by a lot of people anyway... (like there is NO continuity errors in Star Wars. Of Course not. Yeah, really...)
  • I don't think the idea of "Darth" as a title was invented until the '80s at the earliest.

Re: Astonishing X-Men, the Japanese in question is this: Japanese girl: "ここでは殺人ゴリラが教師として通用しているとは何とも恥ずかしいことですね。" Wolverine: "いつも愚痴ばかりいって御先祖さんたいして恥ずかしくないですか。" Shockingly, Wolverine speaks in polite tenses. This Troper would have pegged him all the way for strongly masculine casual speech (especially since this is a comic book!), and wonders what the Japanese translations have him talking like.

"English is a mix of Dutch and German now?" Eh, yeah; it has been for quite a while now...