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What about in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith when Darth Vader screams "NNOOOOO" when he learns of Padmé and his children's alleged fates? That's one of the most infamous Big No's I can think of.

Morganite: There's also those Capital One commercials. Though I haven't seen any in a while. (Just as well, since they seem to have worn out their concept...)

Star Wars ANH: Luke, as Kenobi is killed by Vader? Of course, it was less cliche at the time.

Scifantasy: I don't think the ANH scream qualifies. It's actually a lot more real—a short scream, horrified and angry, not that slow-motion anguish. It's terse.

Contrast that to the Vader scream...oh, and I deleted the new Vader line, because it's already in there. Guys, please, read what's there before you go add-happy.

Phartman: Someone raised a good point: What is a character supposed to do in that kind of situation? Is it just the long, drawn out "Noooo!" or are they not supposed to yell anything when someone kicks the bucket? Because people yell "no" all the time in real life.

Ununnilium: The problem with it isn't actually what's said, but how it's said; specifically, saying it in a cheesy, melodramatic way. The long, drawn-out "Noooooooooooo!" is just the cliche, here.

Scrounge}: I think the response that generally comes off best is shouting an obscenity at the killer and trying to return the favor, then grieving when the firefight's over.

Randallw: How about in the Mummy Returns where whoever kills the Scorpion King gets control of his army. You end up with the hero leaning over the pit to hell holding on only by skewering the Scorpion King with the spear and Imhotep runs on screen and screams "Nooooooo", even though he only speaks ancient egyptian, with his arms held out as the scene poses for the camera.

Sekh765: The movie Tombstone has a pretty big Nooo! in it, in the middle of the stream shoot out after Kurt Russel dodges around 20 bullets fired from a few feet away.

calliopewashere: If we're counting "KHAAAN! KHAAAN!" from Wrath of Khan as a big no, should we also count Nero's "SPOOOCK! SPOOCK!" from the newest movie?

Aubri: I thought there used to be a separate entry for the distant, quiet "No" that implies it was very loud (i.e., quiet but audible in orbit). Has that trope been renamed?

Nano Moose: I don't recall Garrett ever screaming a Big "NO!" in Thief 2; the closest he got was going rigid and murmuring "No," when he heard Viktoria had assaulted SoulForge without him, which strikes me as a realistic reaction. When she actually dies he only...screams.
Nohbody: It's not a page-breaker or anything, but does anyone know how to fix the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance entry so it doesn't have that game genre box thingy? I tried various placements of the wiki code bypass, but while it does eliminate the box, the best fix I could find via preview puts Ţ at the end of the translation, with the second "~~~".