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What happened to the picture that went along with this trope? Somebody should put it back...

notreallyatroper: it is done.

The Insomniac: Shouldn't we get an opposite trope for this trope? Like, call it God Damn Villains or something?

Seth: I love this trope, there is something about it that makes me smile but there have got to be more examples. I can think of a few but there are loads out there.

Ajoxer: It's probably some crime against law and nature that the Three Heroes fight scene from Kung Fu Hustle still hasn't been added here.
Citizen: Come on, Chris X, give me a break. Did you get tired of making spoiler tags after the first sentence, in that FSN UBW example? The example squeals fanboyism. Not entirely undeserved towards him, mind you, I've played the game, too—but stay on topic. Appearing after a fight and offering help because he was ordered to does not count. Also, this trope is for entrances in the nick of time, not doing cool stuff/getting back up after you've arrived/been knocked around. And let's not bring up "GAR". You might be able to make a case elsewhere after revising, but not here. Stopping Shinji is the only thing in there that fits, but come on. It's Shinji. With that alone, it's not worth posting.

Chirs X: Sorry, Citizen, but apparently you missed one thing. Rin was almost ready to submit to her life, because there's nobody stopping Kirei to kill her. And suddenly, NOBODY expects Lancer to get back up with his remains of strength and stab Kirei to death. If that doesn't speak of Big Damn Heroes, I don't know what else. Besides it does fit about "The poor Distressed Damsel is looking her fate dead in the face, and is resigned to it, because they know that Nothing Can Save Us Now... and then, boom! Here come the heroes." Well, maybe the unbolded part is a bit off, but it was apparent that Rin would've been killed by Kirei, if Lancer did not get back up and stab Kirei from the back. And even though it's against Shinji, it's still worth posting because clearly, Rin was even in danger of being violated, she was fricking tied up in that condition. If Lancer interrupts Shinji talking to Rin while she's not TIED and helpless... well that certainly wouldn't count. Throwing back to your words, stay on topic... well we have to give a fair share of stuff to everyone.... so even if Shinji was a spineless worm, and even if everyone hates him, his actions must also be listed too. If you think my post was squealing fanboyism towards Lancer, then I would say that your deletion was squealing anti-fanboyism towards Shinji, but even though he deserves every bit of it... well let's try to be fair here, okay? Or are you saying fanboyism is discouraged here, but anti-fanboyism is encouraged? If you think it still counts as a Big Damn Heroes, you just need to edit it with spoiler tag, not just deleting it out of blue -_-.

Citizen: Anti-fanboyism? Huh? Anyway, adding spoiler tags to your ramble, as you still haven't learned... And I deleted it because it didn't fit.

Chris X: It's anti-fanboyism because it's with Shinji, a spineless worm that should've been in The Scrappy section (but for some reason didn't), thus you act like a fanboy about 'anti Shinji'. You dislike him so much that everything he did, no matter how shameful, is not worthy to be in TV Tropes. So it's not a Big Damn Heroes if the villain isn't major enough? So if someone is under the threat of a random rabid dog readying for the kill and the hero arrived in the nick of time to save that someone, it's still not Big Damn Heroes, because... it's just a random rabid dog? Tell me why doing it against Shinji is not worth posting. If I recall it right, Lancer doing it generated A LOT of cheers from the audience. We LOVE to see that Smug Snake getting trounced for all his patheticness, so why don't you think that one fits? Because the one posing the threat was a pathetic worm? I would say if I am a woman, tied up, with Shinji in front of me... I am REALLY in danger. So... tell me in a good detail that stopping Shinji does not fit. And don't give me that answer of 'It's only Shinji'. Because it's a silly way to make excuses. Tell me why it doesn't count as Big Damn Heroes if you stopped a silly man, even when he's in a total advantage, and the one in distress is totally helpless and unable to save himself/herself at that moment.

EDIT, still by Chris X: On second thought, you're actually right. All of them does not count as Big Damn Heroes, except stopping Shinji. Instead, all of them count as... Crowning Moment of Awesome. No, I am not putting personal fanboyism in this, but I've been in other forums, and anyone (or the majority) who played UBW agreed that the scene that contains his fall is hailed as one of the best moments of Unlimited Blade Works.

Fabricati: Hey, is it a subversion when we're following the Big Damn Heroes in question, and they arrive to find that the Distressed Damsel has taken care of herself quite nicely? Or is this a different trope?

notreallyatroper: yes. it's called What Kept You?

KJMackley: I just made a subtrope called Big Damn Gunship, when the heroes arrive with a vehicle packing significant heat. Most of the examples are unique to that one, but to be clear it is not just another vehicle on the scene that makes it a Big Damn Gunship, it is the use of a BFG that turns the advantage that makes it work. Thereby, Han Solo's moment doesn't count for a BDG because it wasn't that he had the firepower, it was that he arrived in time.

Xenus Oregard: Is it strictly necessary to have the same quote (from Disgaea 2) on both the main trope and the quotes page?
DoomTay: There seems to be some kind of Double Standard. If a "heroes are saved" type event is regarded is bad, it's always called a Deus ex Machina, but if people like the event, it's always marked as this trope.
Drahcir Lumiras: The Super Smash Bros Brawl entry says: "this list could earn its own separate page." So why don't we give it a separate page then?
Storm: Why was the Goku image removed? I thought it showed the trope better than what we have now, even if it is the Trope Namer.

notreallyatroper: There are those who disagree.

Storm: Yeah, and all the image shows now is people at a door with guns pointing—this actually has the "just in time" notion with someone being saved.