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Discar: The page was getting a bit quote overdosed, so I took out this one:

"This is a lead balloon! Who has one of these?! Nobody!"
—Adam Savage, Mythbusters

It doesn't really seem to fit the trope, anyway. Maybe it works better in context, I dunno.

Scrounge: I'm shocked that no one thought to add The Adventures of Dr. McNinja to this page before now. I mean, come on, the series page is what lead me to this trope. The comic probably has a panel we could use as a picture for this trope somewhere.

Kilyle: lol, I used to call this "going Marvel" and used it to criticize one of the major arcs of ElfQuest when they switched from character pathos to "Let's see how awesome I can make this next scene and how heart-rending I can make the punishment of this character in karmic payback for sins he's already repented of." I stopped reading the dang thing at that point. But I got the "Marvel" bit from how they seem to do this with Marvel comics all the time. (Okay, so I only read X-Men, and sporadically at that, but it's quite noticeable.) Their Civil War saga has not improved my impression of their storytelling capabilities.

Don Quigleone: I'm not sure all these titles really fit the criteria, for instance I'd say Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei doesn't really fit as it has a pretty consistent level of crazyness (which is extremely high). Compared that to say Gurren Lagann which has a pretty noticeable build up in scale that never let's up.

Uknown Troper: I suppose. You pretty much can't outdo the second episode of Zoku in insanity, though.

Infophile: I just have to say that whoever made the original post about the season finales of Doctor Who trying to top each other was far more right than he/she knew, now that the fourth finale is out. Russell T. Davies pulled out every stop imaginable here to top the third season finale, and then some. Hell, this almost reaches parody levels...

Lord Seth: Deleted:
  • YuYu Hakusho: While it generally does not fit this trope, Toguro's infamous pushing of his power beyond 100% is quite laughable and matches the season-long pissing match between Yusuke and Toguro. The people dubbing this realized how stupid this was and changed the line to saying that was just "truly" 100%, and he was really just at 85% earlier.
  • Similar to the YuYu Hakusho example above, Teen Titans features an episode where Cyborg, ridiculously manages to push himself past the limits of his machinery.
Because they, er, have little to do with the trope (except for maybe the trope's name). Incidentally, I was thinking of adding to the Dominic Deegan example something like "How much more snarkworthy can the next arc get?" but I'm not sure if that's too much of a Take That! or not.
Charred Knight: Deleted some examples that didn't build up all they way to the end, or didn't have any build up at all. An example is SSBB had a buildup until about the time of the destruction of the Halberd, the final cutscenes where completely "meh". It would be this if say Tabuu had created thousands of shadow Halberds with Ganondorf, and Bowser going One-Winged Angel on the shadow halberds. Mario and Luigi raining Fire, and Lightning bolts, Link taking down hundreds of shadow warriors, Snake in the Metal Gear Rex launching nukes. The final boss scene just has Sonic appearing attacking Tabuu.

Lord Seth: Deleted: While his Xanatos Roulette in the Snowsong arc was quite complicated, I can't really think of any Xanatos Roulettes he did afterwards, let alone ones that are more elaborate.
Scud East: How does everyone feel about the real-world examples? Should there be any? I am thinking otherwise. Real Life may sometimes seem to top itself, but the claim that it ever somehow sets out to top itself seems like an affectation. (And yes, it's the "American Capitalist Economy" example that bugs me the most, but the others don't really belong either, even the Berlin Airlift one. There are other places for that sort of thing.)
  • Patsy: Good thinking. Done.
I'll leave it here for posterity.

  • The American Capitalist Economy: Where everything can be a market. How many versions of Pepsi and Coke can be made? How utterly ridiculous can brand names be and people still buy them? How absurd can commericals get? How many foodstuffs can the Minnasota State Fair put on a stick? How expensive can you make just about anything and still have a market for it because there is always someone willing to pay to prove they can?
    • At least now we know the answer to "Which is greater, the greed of bankers or the stupidity of bankers?"
      • Answer: The 2nd by far, lending out money you will never get back is the antithesis of greed

  • Real world example: the Berlin Airlift. How much food can we transport? Can we supply an entire metropolis by air?
    • The best part? Yes!

  • Crosses the Line Twice example: World War II. How much of Europe can Germany conquer? How much of Asia can Japan conquer? How loud and stupid can Hitler be? How inspiring can Churchill and Roosevelt be? Which city will aerial bombardment reduce to rubble next? How many soldiers will the Soviet Union throw away pointlessly? What new atrocity will be uncovered at the next concentration camp? How tragically high can the death toll become?

  • Patsy: Also taking this out- the setting contains many examples of Rule of Cool, Bad Ass and Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot, the level of outlandishness stays fairly constant throughout.

  • Snow Crash runs on this. What's cooler than a leather clad neo-samurai hacker? How about a courier who skateboards at over 100 miles an hour, how about fending off pirates with a nuclear powered BFG, how about racing a speed boat into a colony of pseudo-zombies, how about a guy throwing glass knives with a nuclear dead man's switch.

Wizard Joni: I say we keep this line as opening quote:
"Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! That's the Gurren-dan way!"
It's the Trope Namer translation and IMO it's more Kamina-ish.
Antwan: Guys, I Am Not Making This Up just got deleted. Be very weary; I fear that this trope will soon go the same way unless we heavily moderate it.
  • Why?

Great Pikmin Fan: Deleted:

  • The motto for Mario Kart seems to be "Let's see how hard we can rape players with items from 5 different people!", especially the Wii version. Ask anyone who has managed to stay in first place for two laps, only to get blue shelled, red shelled, shrunk by lightning, and then ran over from someone using a star. They'll be telling you "HOW THE HELL CAN ALL THIS HAPPEN IN A 15 SECOND SPAN!?"

*takes a deap breath in* No no no no no noing no no-no-no-no no'd with a hint of nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. and that's just in short. I have had it with the entry pimping of Mario kart's item rape. The entry doesn't even fit the trope that well!

About the power levels in the section for Dragon Ball Z - Goku had a Zenkai after being trashed by Vegeta, bringing him from 90,000 to Freeza's level. The whole "15,000,000" thing, as well as Freeza using 1/3 of his power against Goku, is a long-disproved myth based on a mistranslation of Daizenshu 8, as well as statements from the incorrect English dub of the filler-laden anime. The battle in the manga makes it quite clear that the Goku and Freeza break 100,000,000 by the end of the fight, and the Daizenshu itself lists them in the hundreds of millions, and this has been verified several times. If links are needed, I will provide them.