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Ramapith: I tried to add a second illustration farther down in the article (where I indicated Mickey Mouse as a prime example in Western Animation). But the illo doesn't show up; any reason? You can see it in the code. Maybe there's some basic rule that I don't know...

ninjacrat: It doesn't appear because it links to a non-existant page.

No, I don't know why images works that way.

Looney Toons: This is not a character type, so it doesn't belong on Characters as Device.

Tulling: I cannot help but notice that there are no actual examples given.

Seth: When i first saw this entry i thought it was kind of pointless, an excuse to put the Aerith fan art up or something.

Looney Toons: I agree, it seems a little pointless. Give it a few days to see if the Wiki Magic makes examples grow on it like barnacles. If not, we can Cut List it.

Kendra Kirai: I admit it was an excuse to put of the Aerith pic, but it's still valid I think. I honestly can't think of any examples...except maybe Lois from Family Guy, when she finally snapped during the christmas episode. It's different from a Yandere...they flip back and forth all the time. They're sweet, but with a mean streak. Beware the Nice Ones talks about the ones who have not quite infinite patience... For example, imagine what might happen if Kasumi Tendou, or Belldandy just went 'Twang!' one day.

Seth: With a bit of a re write this might make an entry. In Ah! My Goddess Belldandy did have a mean streak of sorts, when she got mad she became very driven (The various storylines where the motor club and the auto club fight off, one in each universe ive seen) and when she was jealous it was a whole other thing (Her jealousy was enough to destroy Cerberus in the manga, i'm not sure about the anime). Find 2 other examples and a re write (Because what is written now doesn't even come close to this) to fit them and it might survive. If not i can see the Janitor and his broom coming here soon enough.

Looney Toons: Seth is quite right about Belldandy. Being a Viking goddess, she has a bit of a temper — it takes a long time (or an elder sister) to set it off, but when it goes, blammo!

Kendra Kirai: See? Beware the Nice Ones! There's an example. I haven't read the manga past chapter 120 or so, and I haven't seen all of the OAV (I couldn't find the episode where Skuld shows up) and I haven't seen the TV series yet.

Tzintzuntzan: This often goes hand in hand with a Rant-Inducing Slight, doesn't it? A Tv character who is especially calm will both snap harder when they do, and will snap over something pretty small.

Seth: I still can't find any merit in this entry.

Gus: Willow from BtvS also snapped pretty hard, when she snapped. Gentle characters that go completely apewire under special circumstance ... I can see it. Not sure if the special circumstance are always "small", though.

Seth:She wasn't all that good to begin with but does Faith's Heel–Face Turn from chosen one to dragon count you think?

Looney Toons: Andy Zero, I didn't delete your example intentionally — I had the edit window open so long looking for a good quote from Willow's breakdown that the edit lock timed out and let you in.
Pavlov: I don't mind the use of spoiler protection but is there seriously anyone on the planet who doesn't know as much about Carrie as is being protected?

Andyroid: Alright, if you say so. Spoiler tag removed.

Holland: Could I suggest renaming this to "Ph34r th3 cut3 0ne5"? (You know, Megatokyo and all that jazz.) Or maybe that's a slightly different concept....

Seth: A little different, plus i think overuse of l33t is enough to get you IP banned around here. Fear The Cute Ones might make a good trope though, linking to thinks like dark action girl and other hot but deadly sort of things - spitball in YKTTW

Overuse of l33t? But that's almost the whole joke, you know. If it isn't accepted OK, but if there is one page where it should be used it's that one ;)

David Harmon: How does that "pushed too far" theme differ from BreakTheCutie?

BrightBlueInk: I think the difference is that Break the Cutie just means that the character is somehow emotionally broken (and sometimes they're just Driven to Suicide, or at least deep depression), whereas this trope only works if the character responds violently—and almost beyond the levels of the villains. (It's probably a subtrope of Break the Cutie, though?)

Yakumo: Um, why limit "Fear The Cute Ones" only to "broken" characters? It would as well apply to actually dangerous CreepyChilds, and anything else that's dangerous and cute. Break the Cutie means "He/She/It was cute, then broke". "Beware the Nice Ones" means a char acts nice (which isn't the same as being cute) but has a dangerous side if pushed to far (like Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, but nice, not moron).

LORd: Removed this Discworld quote:
"If you have to look along the shaft of an arrow from the wrong end, if a man has you at his mercy, then hope like hell that man is an evil man. Because the evil like power, power over people, and they want to see you in fear. They want you to know you are going to die. So they'll talk. They'll gloat. They'll watch you squirm. They'll put off the murder like another man will put off a good cigar. So hope like hell your captor is an evil man. A good man will kill you with hardly a word."
— Terry Pratchett, Men At Arms

Because I figured it was more illustrative of Affably Evil rather than sweet characters being capable of horrible acts when rubbed the wrong way.

Lale: Page quotes should not need spoiler tags.
Robert Bingham: To whoever posted that "Kaylee-rage" example...thanks a lot. I've just finished watching Sweeney Todd (as is probably evident from all my Sweeney-related edits recently), and imagining what sweet and lovable Kaylee would be like when she finally gets messed with badly enough to snap...brrrrrrr... And you want to know the real kicker? Joss Whedon is one of the undisputed masters of Breaking The Cutie, and if Firefly had actually continued, he would have actually done it with her. Food for unsettling thought right there.

Adam850: Removed an "actually..." paragraph.
  • Actually although serious, those wounds wouldn't be mortal as evidenced by Light's long life counter. As a hint... compare Misa, N and Toushiro's life counter's to Light's and you'll see that his lifespan would not have been ended there.

Ross N: Is Willow actually *that* nice? Yes she is pretty quiet and geeky, but she can snark with the best of them and hold grudges.

KJMackley: I pulled this quote because it only makes sense if you see the show and know who Willow is. As a standalone quote it doesn't explain the trope. Rinox's line is only marginally better.
"Bored now."
Willow, just before flaying Warren alive, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Villains"

  • It should be noted that there is another story where Superman has to choose between killing Joker and letting Lois die. Even then, Superman decided not to kill. Lois ultimately survived, but this one makes one to think whether or not Superman has high ideals or he simply has no fortitude to resort to serious measures.
  • Apparently you've never read the story where Superman is forced to execute three Kryptonian criminals from an Alternate Universe with Green Kryptonite. The experience traumatized him so much, he swore he would never take another sentient life.
  • The fact that Superman intentionally took a life eventually led to Zero Hour. When Supes slips from his moral code, he slips on a cosmic scale.

Conversation in the Main Page.

Farseer Lolotea: I'm iffy as to whether the World of Warcraft quest "Declaration of Power" belongs on this page. It's fairly standard World of Warcraft business and lacks the...well, abrupt brutality of the Matis cut scene.
Ethereal Mutation: Someone recently changed the picture. Whether or not it should be kept is up for debate, but here's the original:

This may be just what's waiting for you in the afterlife, Sephiroth

Kizor: I'm for the Aeris picture. It gets the point across - nice flower girl gone nutzo - without requiring knowledge of the series. I haven't seen much of One Piece and just find the image strange and disturbing.

Crossword: I don't care either way, though the one up now is at least canonical. It'll definitely work for Berserk Button, at any rate.

Mr Death: The Aerith picture at least had a caption that would go toward explaining what it's about. The Willow picture is just half a girl's face's dark? I fail to see how that's clear at all unless you're intimately familiar with the series.

Ouroboros: I'm just going to chip in and say I intensely dislike the new picture, and agree with Mr Death on the fact that it is terribly vague.

GG Crono: I'm for returning the Aeris picture to its rightful place.

Kendra Kirai: Original entry author pulling a little bit of an Editorial Veto and putting the great Aerith pic back. :) It just looked so...naked without it there.

Fast Eddie: Pulled it again. The Willow picture didn't work, I guess because it relied on canon knowledge from BTVS. The Aeris thing ... Ah, never mind. I'll put it back. Just tired of animesque images.

Killer Clowns: Perhaps a picture from the Doctor Who episode Family of Blood, of the Doctor delivering one of the eternal punishments to the Family? Because that' when this trope really sank in for me.
  • Elephant Bones: I can't say I really keep up with Who, but is this what you're talking about?

Mr Death: That just looks like he's having a vat of orange juice dumped on him.

Boredman: I kind of think that Aeris/Aerith isn't really a fitting character for this trope. Sure, it gets the message across, but it's out of character. Gohan from Dragonball Z seems like the absolute embodiement of this trope: An innocent 4-year-old who will react explosively to his Berserk Button being pressed.

Colonial1: Nonononono. Put down a picture of the Doctor, the Tenth, to be precise. It's part of his modus operandi, often combined with Obfuscating Stupity. You don't get more nice and yet more fearsome than the Doctor. Plus, he's better known than Aerith. More people will understand.

For the love of... Okay, that picture is beginning to become a Berserk Button. It REALLY. DOESN'T. FIT. She doesn't even have an entry on the page! Further, that's FAN-ART! There are lots of pictures of the Tenth Doctor out there looking cross. He(or She) who knows how to add pictures: please find one.