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Megan Phntm Grl: I changed the entry for The Phantom of the Opera, because Christine does not in fact choose Raoul. She wants to, but she chooses the Phantom to save Raoul's life, thus setting in motion the Phantom's change of heart (even if it does lead to Redemption Equals Death).

Lord Tywin: I'm removing the comment in the A Song of Ice and Fire entry about Sansa/Sandor seeming like a father/daughter relationship. It will be clear to anyone who re-reads Sansa's chapters (or read them closely the first time) that it's filled with romantic and sexual tension between them. There's nothing daughterly about the way Sansa, as Unreliable Narrator, believes that Sandor kissed her, or about the way she dreams of being in bed with him, or thinks of him when Myranda Royce asked her if she knows what goes on in a marriage bed.

Dark Sasami: Brilliant observation, LT. <grin>

Looney Toons: Thankyew. <grin>

H. Torrance Griffin: Is not the whole Miles/Taura thing Bujold`s short story Labyrinth a subversion on multiple levels? She is rather monstrous, but a four-foot-eight hunchback is hardly beauty incarnate either.

Rebochan: Should we really leave the spoiler for Fiona from Shrek tagged? Since she's an ogre in all the other films and you'd have to be completely blind not to see her ogress form plastered on all the advertising and merchandise, I don't think it's a good spoiler anymore... Facky: The epic of gilgamesh.

Lizzy: So, um, I've seen two different references to Ichigo turning into a monster to protect Orihime put on here, but I came back today and it's gone. The last one (done by yours truly) made sure to add that nothing was confirmed in regards to the relationship, so as to not step on shipper's toes, but it's gone again. Why is it gone?

To Bai Foor : It's tough to do romance tropes for stories with unfinished canons that have contentions about the romance within the fandom; it's especially apparent in all three big and popular shonen mangas' fandoms. The fighting over those three on this wiki is the stuff of sociology papers and nightmares. The person who gets the last word in is always the one who cares more; unfortunately, caring more has nothing to do with being right.

Lizzy: A pity, I thought it was a rather good example. I would put it back, but I don't want to get on anyone's nerves, so alas, until we get some confirmation on relationships within the Bleach-verse, on the shelf it stays.