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Jack Butler: Given how many trope pages have {{Real Life}] or Truth in Television on them, I think the statement that real life doesn't have tropes is a bit premature, don't you? I think the page ought to be cut, but I just wanted to get that said.

Wascally Wabbit: Real life does not have tropes because real life does not have a script, a writer or an audience. It is MONUMENTALLY ARROGANT AND INSULTING to presume that real events in which real people really died can be boiled down into a list of media cliches and bad puns. Rant Mode Off.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Given how many pages on important real life things we have (American Civil War comes to mind), I see no reason why we can't have this one. But, if it really isn't a work, maybe it should go into Useful Notes.

(random passer-by): When I saw the new entry, I thought it was about Chesterton's poem.

Madrugada: Look at the index line. Click on the index this is in. Guess what? We have an entire section on the Military and Warfare Tropes index of "Settings". All 35 of the entries in that section are similar to this one. Some of them are much sketchier, though. There is no reason to cut this one.

Narutaki2000: I want to discuss add this quote from Cervantes himself about the Battle of Lepanto to the top of this page: ...the grandest occasion the past or present has seen, or the future can hope to see.. Don Quixote, II, Preface.