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Bluetooth The Pirate: Hermione is a bad example, as would be any wizard/mage that gains power by studying. In their case, it's being smart that makes them dangerous directly, as knowledge is literally power to them.

Quiet But Tough Bookworm launched as Badass Bookworm Discussion: From YKTTW

Tanto: Use the fucking launch button. It's there for a reason.

Whitewings: I'd argue that Hermione does qualify, because she's shy, quiet, bookish, and grossly underestimated *by other wizards*

(random passer-by): At the top we have a description of these characters as "naive and soft-spoken," then at the bottom we have Asuka Langley-Soryuu. Like the man says, "one of these things is not like the others, one of these things does not belong."

Ununnilium: Indeed. Asuka is almost never underestimated. Pulling out:

Mr Death: William De Worde doesn't belong on the list, though the other Discworlders do (Hell, I'd suggest adding Magrat even). William doesn't use a sword throughout the whole book, only did well in fencing because his opponents were morons (the character himself notes this. That's why he says the sword won't do him any good.), and only ends up killing anyone by accident.

Jordan: Deleted my William De Worde example- you were right that I was misremembering.
Citizen: There was an Utawarerumono example I was considering, but since that's all backstory, I feel it doesn't really belong. Those who've seen it ought to know what I'm talking about.
Devil's Advocate: Removed "though he more just looks like one because of his glasses." from the Noah Bennett example. Isn't that the whole point of the trope? Isn't that true of every example on the page?
I nominate that we change Freeman's caption to "Theoretical physicist with a surprising aptitude for firearms and combat."
Churba: I protest the example used under Jamie Hyneman's heading - He was a handful of feet away, for god's sake. I could point shoot a target of the same size, with a pistol, all damn day, and never drop a shot. He's not doing anything amazing when anyone with the same level of experience should have a Reasonable chance of replicating the same feat.

Dialga X: Keep the caption for Freeman the way it is. It's more lively.

Also, This Troper is an avid player of forum RPs and he always uses this trope. See here for an example. Should it be included?

Dammerung: The caption is great but the wording is killing me. How about "Gordon Freeman: A One-Man Army holding a PHD in theoretical physics and a crowbar"

Oscar Wallace (Charles Martin Smith), the accountant from The Untouchables should be on the list.