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Indigo: The Kim Possible example was meant, IMO, to show that Ron was finally starting to lose his doofus status and grow up some. He's always been Kim's bumbling Side Kick, and despite being given this mystical monkey power, it never showed up in any serious way because Ron continued to be neurotic and hysterical more often than not. When it came down to it, though, even if it is somewhat Chickification, he got to be the one protecting Kim rather than the Status Quo Is God of her protecting him. So this was what he was always meant to be, but no one thought he'd ever accomplish because he's such a buffoon. Even Shego was astonished to see him step up, and said as much. So I wouldn't necessarily call it a Wall Banger.
  • Rissa: I don't know much about Kim Possible, but what's on the page right now definitely doesn't make sense. It seems to have become attached to Harry Potter.

Danel: Should we separate the "tends to happen a lot in fanfic" and "Actually happens in canon" parts of the trope out? It seems to actually be causing confusion as it is.