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Working Title: Evil to the Rescue: From YKTTW

Earnest: I decided to do this as one of two tropes like the YKTTW suggests, but the suggestions inside for the various shades of grey this can take (especailly when heroes do set their enemies against each other) should still be troped.

Taco: Should we mention when it's used for comedic effect? Like when the villain deals with it in less than 5 minutes?

tbarrie: I removed:

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Mocked by Michael Eddington for having an unhealthy and comically out-of-proportion obsession with him, Sisko takes the idea and runs with it, bombing Maquis settlement planets with poisonous gasses, displacing thousands of refugees, but catching the man in exchange for stopping. Starfleet was apparently okay with this.

for not having anything to do with the trope. (Sisko is hardly a villain on DS9, and even if he were, who exactly is the hero that he's stepping in for here?)

Red Wren: Removed Because I haven't the slightest what actually happened, and this is a lot of Conversation on the Main Page.