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Isn't this Bus Crash ?

Ununnilium: It is, as far as I can see.

Lale: How does this break down?

I think the only way to differentiate this trope from Bus Crash and Died On A Bus is to make this strictly a case of "the actor returns to the role for one last hurrah."

Ununnilium: I don't think it's worth it, really.

Branfish: As far as I can see, a Bus Crash is when the character dies offscreen, whereas this trope is when they bring them back for one episode, and kill them then. This trope might be a duplicate, but not of Bus Crash.

Duckluck: I'm not sure about the name, it could mean several things, and what it does mean is pretty low on the list. Perhaps we should call it Last Hurrah, or something like that?

Zeke: I think it's a distinctly different trope from the others and worth keeping, but I agree that the name isn't ideal. Maybe Short Lived Come Back or something. Also, I modified the Kirk example from this:
  • While this example actually named another trope, does anyone doubt that Captain Kirk's appearance on Star Trek: Generations served any other purpose than allowing the character to die on screen?
That's not how the writers tell it. They brought Kirk back so he could meet Picard and do an onscreen passing of the torch. With that decision made, they had three options for what to do with Kirk afterwards: send him back to the past, keep him in the future, or kill him. The first would have contradicted his "death" in the past and they thought the second would be kind of silly, so they took the third option. It wasn't a case of someone saying "Hey, it would be cool to kill Kirk." Now destroying the ship, on the other hand...