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One of the questions that comes to mind is that exact nature of the bigness that makes a melee weapon a BFS.

Is it:
  • mass
  • length
  • total apparent weight (some weapons are weightless in the user's hands)

It is debateable the the really long sword is a true BFS, including
  • Fuu's unnamed bastard sword
  • Sephiroth's Masamune

Ununnilium: All of those are part of it.

Calophi: I don't know that I necessarily agree with just a long sword alone. It has to be one that is REALLY implausible. I'm willing to accept Fuu's sword because it has both length and weight to the point that a small girl shouldn't be able to wield it, though.

BT The P: Re: .hack, I think that since male heavy blades go without any shirts at all, the females being scantily-clad is more than fair.

Kongming: Another historical example is the bihander/zweihander, which could be up to six feet long and was supposedly used to break up pike formations. Much like the zanbato, though, there's some question about whether it was actually used in combat.

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