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Don Quigleone: Some entries (mostly the later ones like Sharingan) are really just Mega Manning, they should be edited out, would I be correct in saying that Mega Manning is learning something just through observation, while this trope is actively doing the calculations and succeeding

Mystyc: That's accurate. If it's an automatic, innate skill, it's Mega Manning. If it's learned through intelligence, like the Kiriyama example (who is specifically noted as super smart), then it's Awesomeness by Analysis.

Awe Striker: Hm, I'm not quite sure where a FoxTrot example would go: Jason is able to do incredibly well at golf ("He missed a hole in one by six inches! SIX INCHES!") using physics, WITHOUT having to watch someone play well.

Po8: Excised the following, which didn't seem to be even close:

  • River Tam of Firefly uses math (actually, a lifetime of being programmed to be a government assassin) to beat homicidal maniacs senseless.
    • Technically speaking, she shoots them. Also, "I can kill you with my brain."
      • No, she beats people up with her feet and or melee weapons too too. Didn't you watch the movie?
      • What? The whole point of one scene is that she ducks her head out, takes a quick look, then ducks back under cover. Then she quickly and precisely kills each of the guys with a single bullet. It's later described as "She just did the math."