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LTR: I see there's an entry for when a character gets shrunken, would a mention of when the opposite happens (character grows out of control) be appropriate as it's own entry? (i.e. AttackOfThe50FootPlotPoint) or maybe just combine shrinking/growing into a single entry to stick under Transmogrified?

BT The P: Do it up! The more the merrier! As an aside, ShapeShifting should, I think, become a mini-index for Freaky Friday, Incredible Shrinking Man, and a few others.

Gus: This is partially implemented, with Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever, but the subindexing part is still out there. I'm down with the bad-tooth guy on this idea, because that group of things go together in a way that this, like ... big.

Looney Toons: There was a Tick episode using this trope, too, wasn't there?

Bluetooth The Pirate: The two "Dinosaur Neil" episodes, wherein he not only grew, but became a reptilian monster. In the second, they did the Fantastic Voyage plot.

Adonic Meki: I seem to recall this happening on UFO Princess Valkyrie, and that third little guy who always hangs out with Shiro and Maru had to use his power to grow huge to stop it, but don't recall exactly what had grown... was it child-version Valkyrie?

Steven: I had to change the entry for Jigglypuff's inflate attack to the correct information. Her final smash was not in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

savage: I just FEEL THE NEED to point out that in the page quote from Strong Bad, "Flushed down the toilet" most likely refers to the Urban Legend of pet baby alligators flushed down the john and living in the NYC sewer system, mutated to a huge size from constant contact with all sorts of household chemicals, illegally dumped manufacturing runoff, and Toilet Humor. I can't really think of a way to note that on the page, but... It Just Bugs Me!.

...Oh, hey. Duh.


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