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  • Not sure how relevant this is but... Can I defend the “wax on wax off” for a moment? I don’t know about other karate clubs, but my own uses an open-handed move that basically IS the “wax on wax off” move (if a bit more... angled, apparently) –and it’s proven to be fairy effective. We have something a bit like a crane stance too (which is often used in combination with the aforementioned block), but it involves both feet being on the floor, though with 90% of your body weight on the back leg, and looks a lot less goofy (and is less predictable) than the movie version. So the movie's not entirely off the mark...

KJMackley: On the same subject, I was thinking that part of the reason it is ridiculed is because of how it is impractical in real combat and how obvious it is what you are attempting. Looking back on the movie, Daniel had injured his leg and Johnny just hurt it even further. For the final stand-off Daniel chose that move specifically because he couldn't support his weight on that leg. Johnny probably didn't know of the move (and hadn't seen the movie) so he knew nothing about what Daniel was planning on doing...

I was going to comment on the main page, but decided to just comment here.

Rogue 7: Mmm. But just to deconstruct the move- I could beat that move as a white belt. One fast step lead leg side kick puts my foot in range far faster than his leg can move to get at me, and the way the kick works, my body isn't particularly in range, rather than the other dude, who simply charged in face-first. And we also have a move similar to that- the "cat" stance, but I rarely use it or see anyone use it in a sparring match here.

Alexlayer: Here's a questioning about an adition I'm not sure whenever to do or not. It's about a videogame character, Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. Originally, the character's pose when fighting was holding his gunblade (a sword-like weapon in case you don't know it) like a katana in a Kendo Stance. However, later games like Kingdom Hearts and Dissidia have changed this, showing THIS as his actual fighting stance. That's right, weapon on the shoulder, no "defensive" position or whatsoever, but that's how he kick asses and it works for him. This is what I'd come to call a "Badass Stance", but does it counts as an Ass Kicking Pose?