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Working Title: Really 14 Years Old: From YKTTW

Diddgery: I'm sure Sonic the Hedgehog fits here somewhere. I mean, Cream and Tails look and act a lot older than they canonically are.

Earnest: The probably makes them a type 1, they look and act mature, but chronologically aren't. I'll go ahead and add it.

Earnest: (Later) Someone else added Sonic as a type 3, and I'm tentatively leaving it there because as presented their looks have no bearing on their behaviour. Still, someone more familiar with the setting may want to clarify and/or move it.
Earnest: I'm putting this here because of a few reasons. It's factually incorrect (The main trio's VA's are 16, 21, 22, and Zuko's VA is 34). Aang and Bumi are Really 700 Years Old. It may be a case of YMMV, but they do look to be in their teens. Their mature behavior didn't develop spontaneously, it shows up after a few seasons worth of growth (and about a year of in-show time). It's just not that strong of an example.

Examples with more than one Type.

  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, EVERY type is used. Aang, who's biologically 12(chronologically 112) looks 8-10. Most characters who are 12-16 look in their 20s.(And are voiced by people in their 30s-40s.) Iroh could be anything from 35 to 100 if you really push it.(Whereas Bumi could be 65 to 130.) However, Toph looks as old as she should. The most shocking thing is that EVERY ONE OF THOSE MAKES SENSE. Aang's supposed to look childish to convey his naive and "nice" character. Katara's supposed to look grownup for Fanservice. Iroh is supposed to fit any role from old crazy man to The Obi-Wan to Gentle Bruiser at the drop of a hat. And Toph is supposed to look like a regular that it'll be more mind blowing when she ISN'T normal by any stretch of the word. While most side characters simply look as old as they they're not that important and the show is trying to feel realistic. Surprisingly well thought-out indeed.