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Shire Nomad: To whomever gave the Comedity example, can you explain HOW they lampshaded it?

Being X: sorry, let me link to that specific strip
Looney Toons: The Belldandy image link is both a leech and broken.

Solandra: Sorry about that; I finally was able to hunt down a comprehensive website on the OMG art evolution (of the goddesses at least). Replaced the image link with that.
Lunaryn: Would Chaos Diamonds 3 count as this? The style of art changes drastically, but not intentionally as in Art Shift, nor due to priority/filler as in Off-Model, but rather because the story author wrote the script in advance and then commissioned the actual comic art from a series of artists over time. It seems like it'd be a closer match to Art Evolution than Off-Model but I can see how it could be compared to or contrasted with either...

Nornagest: I'd say no, but there might be a trope here that we haven't covered. Least I Could Do did the same thing.

Jessiepbg: Is there a reason Dragon Ball Z hasn't been mentioned yet?

dogman15: I'm just wondering - is there a literary-only version of Art Evolution? Like, where an author's writing style changes over time as they get better?