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  • Well, how else are you going to explain away Chuck Austen and the thing with Juggernaut? Plus: better than Skrulls.
    • This troper still wonders what the heck was so wrong with the "thing with Juggernaut." It couldn't be the revelation that he was bisexual...
    • Agreed - Seems to be more of an example of crazed fan reaction than actual bad writing. Is there a trope for that?
    • Apparently sleeping with him was below ol' Shulkie. Never mind that due to her immense strength and various aspects of intercourse that this would probably be far better for her then some other options.
    • It was CHUCK (So Bad, It's Horrible) AUSTIN. Retconning everything he ever did is totally reasonable. And he reserved his harshest criticism for mistakes he himself made (and in that issue fixed).
    • This troper does think that Juggie and Shulkie made an adorable couple, though - but yes, Chuck Austin bad.

  • They haven't been terrible so far — Mockingbird got a shitty, stupid death and I'm glad she's back — but oh yeah, the potential for Bendis to launch broadsides against Marvel canon pretty much at will is immense.
    • Oh wait, she was actually a fake after all and is dead again. NEVER trust a writer, original maker of the above entry.
  • This troper can't be sure since he's not read very much of it, but the whole premise of Secret Invasion seems to Retcon the recent Annihilation storyline, which left the alien race being used as Secret Invasion's main villains all but extinct. Not to mention, the new abilities they show in Secret Invasion would've been rather useful in avoiding that near-extinction.
  • I think it was explained that these particular Skrulls are an extremist relegious fundamental group loyal to a banished Queen. The remaining Skrulls also converted to their extreme ideals following the Annihilation events, allegedly...

And no, Secret Invasion doesn't retcon Annihilation — indeed, if the Skrulls hadn't been devastated so badly in the latter, they wouldn't want the Earth so much.

I wonder if it's relevant to point out, in Star Brand, after Byrne uses an author avatar to point out some in-canon silliness, the Byrne-Guy, several other comic book creators and entire comic book convention are atomized in an explosion.

Adam C: I'm really not a fan of Geoff Johns bringing back Hal Jordan, but the discussion on it has gone into Natter. I editted the entry to say it just split peoples decisions on if it was good or bad, and hopefully taht'll calm people down.
  • He put his powers to good use when he revealed the Parralax was a parasite possessing Hal Jordan meaning that Jordan wasn't responsible for his much reviled lapse into supervillainy. This story did all that in a convincing way while setting up the highly praised Sinestro Corp Wars storyline.
    • "Good" use is still a matter of opinion, since it effectively turned Jordan into a Karma Houdini (readers have noted that some of Jordan's major acts of villainy came before he was possessed by Parralax; he was merely influenced by the demon prior to entering the Central Power Battery) and paved the way to turn Kyle Rayner into DC's Butt-Monkey. And while Sinestro Corps may have been well-received, fans snarking about Hal blaming any little mistake he makes on "the giant yellow space bug" is still pretty common.
    • Possessed, "influenced", same difference. The point is he wasn't in full control of his faculties and is therefore technically blameless. This is just another example of people Complaining About Comics/Stories/Characters They Don't Like.
    • Uh, yeah, did you not notice the bit about Karma Houdini? Complaining About Criticisms You Don't Like isn't especially better.