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Arc Welding launched as Arc Welding Discussion: From YKTTW

Working Title: Arc Welding: From YKTTW

Furious Fish: Brilliant title!

Real Slim Shadowen: This is very very late, but thanks.

Fast Eddie: Took a brutal cut on this. Every single sentence of the first draft was tentative and conditional. Bold statements of bold certainty, folks!

Kilyle: "Though anecdotal, this troper never suspected..."?? So, according to that sentence, the troper in question is merely an anecdote? (I love when people forget that the opener there must apply to the subject of the sentence.)


Okay, so the third-to-last paragraph of the write up states the following (emphasis mine):

Arc welding is different from Story Arc or Myth Arc because it is always retroactive.

However, the penultimate paragraph says:

Lastly, Arc Welding itself can be plotted from the beginning, as The Reveal.

You don't have to be Phoenix Wright in order to spot the contradiction. So which is it?

I fail to see how the entire Ori arc in Stargate SG 1 can be seen as Arc Welding. I'd just remove it, but I don;t want to be so presumptuous.