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Gus: This is a plot element, right? It in no way defines a specific sort of villain, unless I am missing something. Which could happen. With distressing frequency.

Ununnilium: Right. It's usually a one-shot episode centered around this plot.

Bluetooth The Pirate: Then, I suppose it is on the wrong index? (hint hint?)

RZ: Do you think that J. Jonah Jameson should be added to the list (Specifically, the scene from Spiderman 2 where he mourns the loss of Spiderman when the city needs him, only to instantly return to his normal personality when Spiderman swings by his window. I believe similar scenes have happened in the comic several times.)

Ununnilium: Good example.

Seth: How does this interact with What a Senseless Waste of Human Life?

Guest-who-has-yet-to-make-an-account: Would Maiev Shadowsong count, taking into account her dialog with Illidan while he's dieing in World of Warcraft?
Paul A: Anonymous Natter that was for some strange reason in the Film section:

  • JJ has admitted to himself that he honestly admires S Piderman, and wishes he could be like him. There was a whole comic about JJ's past in which he himself was a massive do-gooder journalist- exposing corruption, standing up for the little guy, etc, etc. The end of the comic was a monologue where JJ mourned that he would never be as good a man as Spiderman, and thus would always try to bring Spiderman down to make himself feel better. Also, it's been pretty well established that JJ has a Heart of Gold- he payed for Peter's wedding, he constantly keeps Robertson on staff, he let Peter get away with junk photos... Also, he sort of thinks of Peter as a son, which is why he was so hurt when Peter revealed himself as Spiderman.