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Rocket Master: Guys, there's like, the first, ever animated cartoon in Japan. It's simply called "Moving Pictures". It's 50 frames long, lasts for 3 seconds, and it shows a boy writing the word.

Ununnilium: Where? `.`

Meocross: a 3 second film over the years turned into 1000 series *snif* makes me want to cry in joy.

Sparrowhawk: I wonder if a category is needed for manga, seeing as it is more properly a subgenre of Comics. Then again, it does share most tropes with Anime...

Adam850: This has been done. See Manga.

Morgan Wick: Meesa thinking that the real distinction between the anime "style" and early Western animation is that the latter is curvier and the former uses more straight lines.

'anime' is actually the French word for... animation ("les dessins anime", "moving drawings" - it's pronounced almost exactly the same as well). I've always heard (and it's much more likely) that 'anime' (japanese) is a loan-word from the French. If this seems confusing, look through a katakana dictionary sometime; the Japanese borrow words from every conceivable language (i.e. not just English), except Klingon, in roughly equal measure.
Excel-2009. What is it about Book Dumb anime characters that makes them more conducive to Gratuitous English use than non-Book Dumb characters?

werd: We should add a section Studios To Know In Anime, and American Distributors To Know In Anime, as well, since we have enough pages for each of these to form a proper list. If no one else will do it, I will.