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Proposal: Add launched as Animated Trope: From YKTTW

Moved Anime Trope up into the header. It interfered with my view of Venus. Actually, it stopped in-category navigation.
-Bluetooth The Pirate

Well, as long as you didn't have to use the Elludium Q-36 explosive space modulator on it... — Looney Toons

Gus:Youse guys is cute. It says so here.

Sci Vo: Remind me to turn Amusing Injuries and Lazy Artist into indexes at some point.

Some Sort Of Troper: - The media trope lists are to be made for tropes that belong outright to a medium- that which define the medium and are interwoven to its nature, while tropes that can appear across many media are to be regarded as universal. This should help prevent needless duplication on many lists, account for the ever moving homes of many tropes and prevent index decay. Hopefully the indicies will be more useful and impart more on the nature of the medium itself.