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mikkeneko: Just a question about this entry:
  • In Bloom County, Opus the penguin failed to find his mother due to an Uzi-toting animal rights group breaking into the animal testing lab he broke into and sending him to Antarctica. Even more Anviliciously, he was raised in captivity and doesn't know how to catch any food more difficult than herring Mc Nuggets. On another occasion, he mistook Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior for an Antarctic-bound cruise ship with neighbor, septuagenarian and "fellow environmental extremist" Mrs. Limekiller.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't that storyline end with Opus calling Milo from the 'ice' cabinet of a 7-11, since the animal rights group in question was on a shoestring budget and couldn't afford to send him to antarctica?

Sebastian — Slight edit for clarity. Poplars (also know as "popple" or "aspen") are not rare, they are arguably the most common kind of tree found in second growth forests from Maine to Oregon. They began replacing old growth pine forests as settlement went west in North America and are the mainstay of the residual private logging industries in many states, providing wood for paper mills beyond what the companies themselves raise. Boat this troper (and his mother before him) helped their fathers cut and peel poplar logs for survival money in their respective youths. Not the good kind of memory, but there it is.

Some Guy: Removed all uncited Truth in Television examples and added a disclaimer. Honestly, it bothers me sometimes when people edit these War On Straw pages and unintentionally create meta-examples. Removed the Penn & Teller entry for the same reason. It had too much natter for its own good.

  • Removed the disclaimer. No other War On Straw article has one.

Ununnilium: Perhaps they should. x.x
Rann: Removed the Final Fantasy VII reference, since not only is it pretty much just supposition (or complete imagining) on the part of the troper who added it, it's completely wrong. (I'm just kind of confused as to how the troper that added it completely missed the existence of both Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children.)

Elihu: Removed Real Life examples under Futurama because they actually had nothing to do with the trope.

Jethro Q Walrustitty: The realf Life section is getting out of hand (again), can't we just say that various groups have done some bad things every now and then, and leave it to that. Seriously, is there small anti-animal rights groups lobby here or something?

Rann: Probably no moreso than there's a small group of PETA members trying to cover over the stuff their group's pulled.

Ununnilium: Ugh. Ye gods, the Conversation in the Main Page. Okay, pulling the whole thing out, and putting in single examples for specific groups. Put personal examples, if you like, in the Animal Wrongs Group page.
  • PETA's less physical about it, usually, but they have their own special brand of crazy go nuts. They once ran ads which claimed feeding children meat was child abuse. This might have been more effective if not for the fact that the child in the picture was very visibly enjoying the hamburger he was eating.
    • A PETA representative once spoke to this troper's class, and claimed among other things that you could teach carnivores (like lions) to be vegetarian, that in The Bible, Jesus promoted an entirely vegan lifestyle (must not have read the parts about eating fish and killing the fatted calf to celebrate), and that treating animals differently is "speciesism" because animals are people too.
      • This Troper also has heard a story about a PETA rep claiming the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a vegetarian because it lived in the Garden of Eden and no animals ever died in the Garden of Eden.
    • And PETA really does try to get "liberated" carnivores to live on a vegetarian diet. Guess what happens. No really. Guess.
    • PETA is against animal testing for medicine, even if the animals in question don't die. Even if the medicines are for fatal diseases like AIDS or cancer. They'd rather have humans die than animals suffer.
      • They are, however, okay with using animals to test diabetes cures. "Coincidentally", Mary-Jo Swenson, Vice-President of PETA, is diabetic.
    • PETA rescues animals from animal shelters... then kills them and throws them into dumpsters.
      • PETA is evil, to be sure, but I'd take anything said by a tobacco front group with a mountain-sized grain of salt. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend...
      • The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy. Nothing more, nothing less.
    • PETA believes owning a pet is tantamount to slavery and wants all domesticated animals released into the wild. PETA fails animal psychology forever.
    • PETA themselves may be "less physical" about it, but the friends they support in the Animal Liberation Front aren't, being classified as a terrorist organization by the FBI. The ALF has absolutely no qualms about destroying property in pursuit of their cause.
  • One econazi this troper had the misfortune of encountering answered the rhetorical question that the elephants should die off or the african people should die off by answering that the african people should die off. I've heard of genocidal maniacs, but little did i know that i would meet one of the craziest to walk the earth.
    • If that false dichotomy were true (which it is not) then I'd have to agree with the "craziest" guy here. Plenty of people elsewhere on the planet, but African elephants only have the one continent. Thankfully it is not the case that we have to make that choice, all the humans have to do is change their behaviour to accommodate the elephants.
  • This troper has yet to go to a concert where environmentalists didn't hand out fliers decrying the various evils humanity inflicts on the earth. The irony? 99% of those fliers end up as litter.

Ununnilium: And on an entirely different note:

This isn't her specifically being pro-animal anti-human, it's just her being ridiculously Lawful Good.

Grangan: This should be the picture:

Deadpool Fan: A question, would the Animal Planet's newest show "Whale Wars" which stars the members of "Sea Shepard" an animal rights group that is fairly extreme in its methods count as a possible addition? I haven't seen the show, so I don't know what exactly they leave in or cut out.

By the by, isn't profiting off the supposed illegal activities of a group for a TV show itself illegal or at most immoral?

Set a thief to catch a thief as the saying goes. A lot of what the group does 'is' extreme (probably criminal in some cases), but they have the advantage in that they actually generally manage to get something done (see an example here), as opposed to Greenpeace, who's peaceful stance does exactly squat.

Some Guy: Removed the Truth in Television again, and put up the disclaimer again. Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment, people.

Madrugada: Added back the ALF example, with a link to their website, in Real Life. If anything, they're a better example of this trope than PETA is.

Taking a look at the Real Life examples placed further below this page, one may come to the natural conclusion that, just like M*A*S*H with oddball surgeons, the depictions of such groups are not too far from the truth - and in fact, may be erring on the side of caution. Considering that humans are the top predators, these groups may also be real-world wall bangers.

..."Considering that humans are the top predators"... This is Evilutionary Biologist levels of Completely Missing the Point.

There's always someone in a group that's on the far crazy edge. That doesn't mean that painting a whole group like that isn't Strawman Political.

  • Which is totally logical to this troper. The fetus is dead, but the monkeys are alive (and way more adorable than a bottled fetus).
  • opposed to perfectly humane ways of killing them, like fireballs to the face, draining their souls, or mauling their faces off as a bear?
  • And in Nesingwary's defense, where would you rather see the dead animals? As trophies back in Ironforge or serving as mounts for various Scourge troops?
  • Last I checked, the Scourge wasn't recruiting undead rhinoceri. Mammoths are another matter...
Plus Harold Lane is an unapologetically Captain Planet villain, who throws bear pelts at you as an attack, and who you can trample with a mammoth stampede.

Conversation in the Main Page.

Unknown Troper: Speaking of Natter, pulling this:
*** If by "utterly wipe out" you mean "destroy one base." And they're not, after all, anti-human in any way (unless you believe Nwabudike Morgan).

Incorrect, contrarian Conversation in the Main Page that sounds like a Justifying Edit seeking to protect an in-game faction from vilification while vilifying another. While it's true that Gaia's Stepdaughters is only explicitly said to have canonically destroyed a single Spartan base, the base they destroyed was the capital of the Spartan faction. Not only that, but the Dream Twister, Neural Amplifier, and Citizen's Defense Force secret project video quotes imply that Gaia's Stepdaughters did a hell of a lot more than just destroy one base—at least one other Spartan base was a victim of the Dream Twister.

xvx: Whoever wrote the truth in television section of this page hasn't read Regan, Singer, or Francione, and doesn't know the difference between animal liberation and animal welfare. I'd try to correct it, but it already seems to be the subject of a mildly embarrassing edit war.

Unknown Troper: I don't see how that can be true when a link to an Animal Welfare site was provided, and a quote from The Other Wiki concerning animal rights' position on animal treatment was included in the examples you mention.

Anon: In regards to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six novel, the environmentalists discussing how much more enjoyable hunting firstly don't represent all of or even most of the group. Secondly, they and the rest of the environmentalists are all for natural selection (except they feel they need to help it along in regards to humanity) and thus don't see hunting as anything more than that. It's totally in keeping with the groups ideals and is a reasonable thing to be excited about. I think the labeling of Strawman is a little unfair. That said, the entire group is a strawman, so maybe I'm just being pedantic here.