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Kayube: This reminds me of a part in Tales of Symphonia when Kratos finishes off one of the villains while saying "Feel the pain... *slash* of those inferior beings... *slash* as you burn in hell!" Not quite the same thing, because he's basically dedicating the whole thing to humans, but it's similar enough... could it be included?

Ununnilium: The name here amuses me. "And this is for those discussion pages you cut down in their prime!"

Lale: Is "Narnia book 5" referring to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader or The Horse and his Boy? They've been published in two different orders.

Morgan Wick: Probably the one where someone says "And This Is For......" :D

Lale: That's just it — I can't recall such a scene in either.
Would the scene in Grim Fandango with Manny punching Nick Virago followed by "That for the photo girl?" "No. That was just for being you. I don't have time to get you for Lola" count as this?

Vampire Buddha: Removed this, because I have no idea who these people are:
  • After defeating his brainwashed minions, Yusuke delivers a beating to the evil, powered-up form of Dr. Ichigaki, dedicating his punches to the men Ichigaki brainwashed, their master, and Kuwabara, and finishes with the page quote.