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Would Alter Ego Writing work here as well? One example is the "author" Lemony Snicket, with Daniel Handler being his "manager".

Harpie Siren: No, Random Nameless Person, I think that would be a different, though related trope.

J Random User: Isn't that pretty close tot he Literary Agent Hypothesis?
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Scratch that, I just looked again, and that's a more than different enough to split. Still, I'd say the two are related.

BT The P: I was at the Anime Central convention a few years back, and Shinichi Watanabe was a guest. He said he was sorry to disappoint so many fans, because he didn't really have an afro and wear a Lupin III suit everywhere lke his alter-ego Nabeshin. At the closing ceremony, his goodbye was first, said in polite Japanese via a translator. After he said it, he slipped off the stage. At the end, he busted back into the room, dressed in the suit and an afro wig, and shouted to the entire crowd in Gratuitous English how he loved Chicago, loved the fans, and he'd be back. Thunderous applause ensued, as I recall.

Ununnilium: Awesome.

octochan: does Bruce "Don't Call Me Ash" Campbell fit in here?
thatother1dude: I think the pronunciation things with Stephen Colbert is backwards

Sniffnoy: Looks like it.

Rissa: Actually, it's a bit more complicated. He was KHOL-bert as a kid, but changed it when moving to university in Chicago - now, both character and actor are Khol-BEAR. (See this Rolling Stone interview for full story, it involves an astronaut.) When he addresses himself as KHOL-bert on the show, it's a sign of childhood regression.
Dave Empey: The Marilyn Monroe anecdote is very interesting; does anyone have a cite for it?