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Nornagest: I'm having a hard time getting a sense of this character type. Is this purely a physical thing (with a dash of Weirdness Magnet), or are there implied characterization aspects to it that I'm just not getting?

I've only watched two of the series in the examples, so I don't think I have enough data points to take a stab at expanding it myself.

prescience: I agree. The trope description is confusingly written and in need of editing (by someone with a clearer idea of the character type). If someone gets round to doing this, please check that the Laconic Wiki entry is consistent with the main article.

prescience: I've taken a stab at clarifying the description (based largely on Sachiko and Chikane, and what I've heard of Hazuki). It's not much, though. I've also taken out some of the examples from series that I've seen that seem particularly egregious:

Milly, Kallen, Shirley, C.C., Euphemia, Kaguya, Nina and Nunnally The entire female cast of season one in Code Geass.

None of them even fit the old description.

(CLANNAD:) Kyou has also been revealed to be very popular amongst female underclassmen.

Tall, Dark and Bishoujo != Even the Girls Want Her

Sumeragi Li Noriega, Wang Liu Mei and Feldt Grace from Gundam 00

Sumeragi is a Bottle Fairy Team Mom. How does that work? I suppose Wang Liu Mei could sort of be made to fit the physical description if you squinted hard enough, but her personality is still totally off.

[later] nirao01, please stop re-adding Tsuruya from Haruhi Suzumiya. A character who laughs all the time cannot reasonably be described as "aloof".

I wonder if the pun on Tall, Dark, and Handsome is drawing too much attention to the physical aspects of the trope...
Dentaku: Who is this "Etoile" from Strawberry Panic!? Shizuma is not dark, for one...

prescience: From the article:
She usually has waist-length, dark hair.

Dentaku: In that case I'll change it into her real name.
prescience: Code Geass? Nunally? Ummm... WTF?

dragonfire5000: I want to know who put Bella from Twilight; as far as I know, she's too short to be considered a Tall, Dark and Bishoujo and is far too whiny as well.

Grenedle: Also, in the Bleach example, how do Orihime or Rukia count? Orihime has the height and hair, but not the but she definitley isn't composed or aloof. Rukia does have the composed and aloof most of the time, but she doesn't have the appearance. Neliel is also sort of questionable. She only acts in the right way when she is fighting. Otherwise she doesn't really match.
vorpal: How the fuck is Cagalli tall, dark and bishoujo?
Cherry Chix: Why is Hinata here???. She maybe dark and bishoujo, but tall? And she isn't aloof AT ALL, she's a Shrinking Violet. For God's sake!!!
Hazuki: Shouldn't we have someone who fits the trope more than Akira for this page? Ogasawara Sachiko (Marimite) is perfect.