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Working Title: All Men Are Perverts: From YKTTW

Antheia: I'm not sure about the listing of specific perverted men (e.g. in anime). Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of giving examples of a trope which claims all men are perverts?
  • Cliché: It's a stereotype, so of course it's going to say "all". And like all stereotypes, there are many subversions.

Evil_Tim: Hacked out a completely pointless 'waaah it isn't true this troper is a sensitive guy' paragraph.

Cliché: This could get messy, so I moved it here to "purgatory" due to being overly opinionated and abusive of Acceptable Targets.

On another note, why the hell is this page such a magnet for misandry? Then again, a lot of the gender trope pages suck, so this is like a tree/forest thing.

Crowley: That question's easy to answer; misanthropist Tropers who take the title of the page literally rather than sarcastically/jokingly.

Masami Phoenix - Removed the following because Sanji is a case of Chivalrous Pervert, and Leisure Suit Larry, but since he's the only main character who is a pervert, and very few side characters are perverts, One Piece does not belong here.

  • Sanji from One Piece loses all control whatsoever when a woman happens to be anywhere within a thirty mile radius. Most of his love goes to Nami and Robin, the main ladies of the crew, by doing EVERYTHING for them. What separates him from being the average anime pervert is that he respects women to no end, so much that he refuses to ever put any harm on a woman, even when told by ANOTHER woman to man up. Manly Tears were had.

algumacoisaqq - The entry about [[Order Of The Stick]] that doesn't quite fits this trope. They talk about the main cast sexual interests, but I don't think that they can be considered 'perverts' for that. I'm new here and not comfortable erasing other people's work, who should I talk about that?

  • Ok... Explain this... Why a pic is used but it is not referenced in the section that corresponds to it? I mean, comics... The guy si clearly not superman, but he had x-ray vision? Who is him?!!!