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From YKTTW Working Title: Gayness Equals Pedophilia

By the current description, shouldn't this be All Pedophiles Are Gay? —jebuz

Kilyle: Um, yeah, that's a logical fallacy (my Trivium-skimming skills are not up to par this morning, so I can't tell you which one). That's like using the title All Dogs Are Loyal with the description "every creature that is loyal is, in fact, a dog." It's totally backward. Please fix it.

BUD 001: See, not necessarily. I launched the trope with that particular name because that was the original intent of anti gay campaigners that stretches back to Anita Bryant: Gay people cannot reproduce, and therefore they have to recruit innocent children. Ergo, all gay people must be pedophiles in order to add to their ranks. Thus, all gays are pedophiles. In fact i would argue there are two sides of this: there is one side which still thinks all gays are pedos, and another that says all pedos are gays.

Midas Mint: Bud, those are two different claims. If they were made in popular media they'd be two different tropes. The current trope description and name contradict each other. Your heart going out to sodomy implies you're off in the head but that doesn't excuse abusing language and reason.